[gptalk] Re: Unable to view settings in GPMC for IE Maintenace settings

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  • Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 14:35:40 -0700

Yes, this is a known issue related to IE 7, IE Maintenance and GPMC. I
haven't yet heard what the status is from MS. I can tell you that the
problem does appear to be fixed if you're running GPMC from the new RSAT,
Vista, SP1 tools.




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Apologies for the long subject line. I am trying to add an intranet site to
the "trusted site zone" via group policies. I created the new GPO, made the
settings in UserConfig>Windows Settings>InternetExplorerMaintenance>Security
and added the site to the trusted zone without incident.


The problem I am seeing now is that when I try to review the settings in
GPMC by clicking on the "Settings" tab when highlighting the GPO in the
GPMC, I receive the following error.


An error occurred while generating report:
An unknown error occurred while the HTML report was being created.


Has anyone seen this before? Did I do something wrong?


Thanks in advanced for anyone that can offer any thoughts.


Michael @ SDSU

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