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  • From: "Northwood, Ian" <Ian.Northwood@xxxxxx>
  • To: <gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 15:30:36 -0000

OK, some good progress.
I've built a script-friendly ActiveX DLL to all MSI.DLL's exported functions. I 
haven't tested them all, mainly because I don't ever envisage using them, 
particularly as the majority are already exposed by the Windows Installer 
object. The one I was interested in, MsiAdvertiseProduct, works and 
successfully creates the (working) AAS file.
So, the next stage is to set the attributes for 'packageRegistration. Here's 
the code:
 With objPackageRegistration
  .Put "canonicalName", strDNSDomain & "/System/Policies/" & strGPOGUID & 
"/User/Class Store/Packages/" & strPackageGUID
  .Put "displayName", strProductName
  strTarget   = ""
  strTarget   = strTarget & "CN=" & strPackageGUID
  strTarget   = strTarget & ",CN=Packages"
  strTarget   = strTarget & ",CN=Class Store"
  If blnperUser Then
   strTarget  = strTarget & ",CN=User"
   strTarget  = strTarget & ",CN=Machine"
  End If
  strTarget   = strTarget & ",CN=" & strGPOGUID
  strTarget   = strTarget & ",CN=Policies"
  strTarget   = strTarget & ",CN=System"
  strTarget   = strTarget & "," & strDomain
  .Put "distinguishedName", strTarget   
  .Put "fromEntry", True
  .Put "installUILevel", 3
  .Put "instanceType", 4  
  .Put "localeID", CInt(strProductLanguage)
  .Put "machineArchitecture", 1282  
  strTarget   = ""
  strTarget   = strTarget & "0:" & strMSIFolder & "\" & strMSI
  If Len(strMST) > 0 Then
   strTarget  = strTarget & Chr(0) & "1:" & strMSIFolder & "\" & strMSI
  End If
  .Put "msiFileList", strTarget
  .Put "msiScriptName", "A"
  .Put "msiScriptPath", strAASFile
  .Put "packageFlags", -1609943952
  .Put "packageName", strProductName 
  .Put "packageType", 5 
  .Put "productCode", arrProductCodeOctet '// Product Code as an octet string
  .Put "revision", 0
  .Put "sDRightsEffective", 7
  .Put "showInAdvancedViewOnly", True 
  .Put "subSchemaSubEntry", "CN=Aggregate,CN=Schema,CN=Conifoguration,DC=" & 
  .Put "upgradeProductCode", arrUpgradeCodeOctet '// Upgrade Code as an octet 
  .Put "versionNumberHi", strProductVersionHi
  .Put "versionNumberLo", strProductVersionLo
 End With
I have walked through each .Put in a script debugger and none returns an error 
but as soon as .SetInfo is executed, Err.Number is (equivalent to) 8007200C 
which my error library tells me is LDAP_UNDEFINED_TYPE 
Above, where you see variables prefixed with 'str', these are strings which 
have been created externally to this code. I have ensured that octet strings 
are being passed as byte arrays and all other data types are correct, too. Can 
anyone tells me what's causing this error?

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