[gptalk] Re: Redirected My Document Disappears Periodically

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It almost sounds to me as if those users are getting temporary profiles when
that happens. You should be able to see if this is true. When you notice
this, have the user right-click the start menu and choose Explore. That will
bring Explorer up focused on their current profile and if the path is
something like c:\documents & settings\temp, then that is what is going on.



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Hi Everyone:


We use GPO folder redirection to redirect My Documents on the local desktop
to a location on a file server. This works perfectly and enables us to
backup user files each evening. The problem:  periodically the user loses
their "My Documents" locally. It appears the link to the server simply
disappears, when the user clicks My Documents a blank folder opens. This
does NOT affect any other mapped shares or printers on the same server. It
affects only the folders mapped by GPO using folder redirection. A reboot of
the desktop fixes the problem for several hours.


We have verified network connectivity ( i.e. logon and logoff scripts run
quickly without error and redirection of My Documents always works at log on
) but the intermittent nature of this has us baffled as this problem is
showing up across our AD with a number of users in different physical
locations and subnets.



Any ideas what is happening? Can anyone suggest how we can troubleshoot
this? Thanks in advance for ANY assistance you can provide.





 Des Flynn

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 ITS - User Services, Brock University

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