[gptalk] Re: Redirected My Document Disappears Periodically

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We are having a kind of similar but diffrent problem and it seems ot
be affecting our foxpro db program and computers setup yo use offline

Could I ask what virus software and version you are using on you
clients and servers?

Just grasping at straws.


On 2/13/08, Booker.Washington@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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> This is happening in our environment as well.  Did you ever find if Des was
> experiencing the temp profile?
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> Des-
> It almost sounds to me as if those users are getting temporary profiles when
> that happens. You should be able to see if this is true. When you notice
> this, have the user right-click the start menu and choose Explore. That will
> bring Explorer up focused on their current profile and if the path is
> something like c:\documents & settings\temp, then that is what is going on.
> Darren
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> Subject: [gptalk] Redirected My Document Disappears Periodically
> Hi Everyone:
> We use GPO folder redirection to redirect My Documents on the local desktop
> to a location on a file server. This works perfectly and enables us to
> backup user files each evening. The problem:  periodically the user loses
> their "My Documents" locally. It appears the link to the server simply
> disappears, when the user clicks My Documents a blank folder opens. This
> does NOT affect any other mapped shares or printers on the same server. It
> affects only the folders mapped by GPO using folder redirection. A reboot of
> the desktop fixes the problem for several hours.
> We have verified network connectivity ( i.e. logon and logoff scripts run
> quickly without error and redirection of My Documents always works at log on
> ) but the intermittent nature of this has us baffled as this problem is
> showing up across our AD with a number of users in different physical
> locations and subnets.
> Any ideas what is happening? Can anyone suggest how we can troubleshoot
> this? Thanks in advance for ANY assistance you can provide.
> Des
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