[gptalk] Re: New to the list, vexing issue here...

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  • Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 14:08:42 -0700


If you are using Admin. Templates IE zone policies then it wouldn't be a
tattooing issue. I wonder if some loopback issues might be throwing things
off. I presume you guys are using Loopback in a TS environment? Also, have
you fired up userenv.log to see what it is saying for a given problem user?




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Hello folks, I've been trying to roll out Administrative Template IE7
Intranet security zone changes via group policy for a long time. Gpmodeling
shows the changes for existing users. With gpresults, the changes are never
picked up - gpupdate doesn't help.


If I create a new user, the new user does pick up these changes. But no-go
on the hundreds of existing users.


This is a load balanced terminal server environment, with roaming profiles.
I thought this may be a 'tatooing' issue, but tools like Clean Registry
Policy Utility don't seem appropriate as user profiles are stored at a
centralized location on a file server.


Any suggestions? Especially for a way to propagate these changes en masse?






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