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  • Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 10:25:22 +1200

Hi all


I'm just in the process of planning Group Policy delegation and could
benefit from your advice about the approach.  I want to delegate
administration of Group Policy to the "Group Policy Admins" role
(actually an AD group).  I may also want more granular delegation in the


As I see it there are three areas where delegation is relevant.


1.            Delegated permission to create GPOs.

2.            Delegation permissions on individual GPOs.

3.            Delegated Group Policy-related permissions on SOMs (OUs,
Domains and Sites).


Taking each of these in turn....


1.            Delegated permission to create GPOs.


This appears to be relatively straightforward.  I simply modify the
Delegation tab on the Group Policy Objects container within the GPMC.
Alternatively I can use the SetGPOCreationPermissions.wsf script sample.


2.            Delegation permissions on individual GPOs.


This is split into two parts:  new GPOs and existing GPOs.


a)      New GPOs.   I can modify the default security descriptor for
groupPolicyContainer objects by following the guidelines in

b)      Existing GPOs.  I can modify the permissions for all GPOs within
a domain by using the GrantPermissionOnAllGPOs.wsf script sample.


3.            Delegated Group Policy-related permissions on SOMs.


This involves assigning the "Group Policy Admins" group the ability to:


*             Link GPOs to a given site, domain or OU.

*             Perform Group Policy Modelling analysis on a given domain
or OU (but not on a site).

*             Read Group Policy Results data for objects within a given
domain or OU (but not a site).


I can use the SetSOMPermissions.wsf to do this.


That's as far as I have got.  Before I started setting this up in the
lab and testing I thought I would check here to see if I have the
approach right.


Anything I should be doing differently?  Any shortcuts I am missing?
Better ways of setting up the delegation?



Directory Services MVP (and Group Policy Muppet).

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