[gptalk] Re: Group Policy delegation

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You have to add these users to the domain "Distributed Com users" Group
in order to run the GP modeling from GPMC or AD users and computers- if
you are not a domain admin.


I found this out the hard way in a branch office delegation project.


Let me know if that does the trick,




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Does the setting show as inherited? If you're setting it at the domain
level it may not be inheriting down to the targets you want to model.
Just a guess.




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This is a great thread (although it's come a wee bit too late for me as
I've just spent a while working out something similar).  

I still have one problem though -  I can set the right "Perform Group
Policy Modeling Analysis" on the delegation tab at the domain level to
allow my "GP Analysts" group to perform modeling, but it doesn't seem to
have any effect.  Do these users need any additional rights?

(Note - The "Read group policy results data" right is configured
similarly and works as expected) 



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