[gptalk] Re: GPO annoyances.. ?

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I'm not sure I quite follow the question. Basically you can set user
loopback policy anywhere within the scope of the computer object. The only
reason I usually do it within the GPO that enables loopback is because its
just clearer when its all happening in one spot.



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What if you want other policies to utilize the loopback setting you've set
through another policy? Is there a best practice or preferred way, or should
you not do it at all? 


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Glad I could help. As for best practice, yes, I usually set the user
policies I want for loopback in the same GPO that enables loopback, so
you're ok there. 


As for the utility, it's a bit tricky because of what it's trying to do,
esp. if you need to clean user policies. Basically you need to install the
utility on the system where the user logs onto, and then logon onto to the
system as an administrator, and then run the utility against the target
user's profile. 


Let me know if you have any questions.




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Hey Darren,

Thanks for responding -- you deserve a lot of credit for being so diligent
on this mailing list, on behalf of everyone -- Thank You.

i enabled loopback within the same GPO -- what's the best practice in a
classroom type scenario for GPO handling ? 

I Think your utility will work wonders -- i will give it a shot.


On 2/6/07, Darren Mar-Elia < darren@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:darren@xxxxxxxxxx> >

Hi there. So, you have merge mode loopback set-where were you setting the
lockdown policy? In the loopback GPO or in the user's normal GPO?


Also, just an FYI that I have a free utility that is meant to clean out
policies and preferences from computers and users. Its called
cleanregpol.exe and can be downloaded at www.sdmsoftware.com/products.php
(under the Freeware section). It might help.




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Hey All -

Windows 2003 R2 server.

Windows XP SP2 clients.

I have a GPO setting applied and enforced on an OU that contains one user
called LAB1.

I had some desktop settings such as, prohibit saving settings, prohibit
changing desktop, etc related to desktop lockdown) 

I've disabled some of these settings under the advise of management, but a
few of the lab machines that this user logs into, still retains these
settings and prevents me from changing wallpaper!

i've done an rsop.msc with none of those settings being applied. i've
checked the local computer policy (mmc/group policy object editor/local
computer) but still nothing.

i ahve the GPO's loopback processing mode set to merge right now. 

any ideas would be great as i'm stumped ?

is there a way to purge the gpt/gpc cache from the local machine ?




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