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  • From: "Washington, Booker" <Booker.Washington@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 14:21:08 -0500

I will document everything I saw and did for full context


I have a laptop user whose complain to me was 1.  When I am offline, I
get an error about not being able to copy and paste files.  My Desktop
icons rearrange when I restart the machine after a sync, and when I copy
attachments from email, while offline, and save to the desktop, they do
not show up.  Also, when I delete items from my redirected folders, they
don't show in the Recycle Bin.



With that said, I went to visit the machine.  Just like any support
call, when I first got up there, only two of the problems could be
recreated... the Deleted items folder deal, and the attachment copying



1.      While Docked, I restarted and the icons  stayed the same.  I
Un-docked, shut down, and redocked, and the icons still stayed in their
respective place


During this trial, I also was able to copy the attachment from email and
save it to the desktop.   However, when I clicked to delete that file
from the desktop, it gave me the delete confirmation dialog box.  I hit
yes, and upon opening the Recycle Bin, I noticed that the file was not
there.   I created a test text document on the desktop.  Copied a folder
onto the desktop and onto the My Docs folder.



2.      Upon redocking, and before a synchronize, I don't see any of the
changes I just made while undocked and offline.  As it begins to
synchronize upon logging in, a lot of the desktop icons DISAPPEAR.  I
performed a manual sync and WALLAH, The icons returned, and I see the
changes I made offline, BUT, the Icons have all now been re-arranged in
an Auto-Arrange format.  Auto arrange was NOT selected as a desktop


I went into Explorer, and the Tools menu, and the Synchronize menu.
Upon entering the Synchronize dialog box, I clicked on Setup.   Clicking
on setup gave me an application error as follows:

            Wmiprvse.exe - Application error

The instruction at "0x7c91103c" referenced memory at "0x00000000."  The
memory could not be written.


I clicked cancel, and then clicked setup again, and I was able to open
the setup options dialog box.


Any ideas as to why this was acting so strange.



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