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This is normal behavior even when FR is not used. I just tested it on a
regular network file and I get the same result as you. I think its because
network files are not normally Recycled, and thus are unrecoverable once


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General question on Folder Redirection GPO's.


I have noticed when a user deletes a file that is in a redirected folder (to
a network share), the PC asks the user to confirm the deletion (As it is
going to permanently delete it)


However, when a user deletes a regular file, it just sends it to the Recycle


Is that just the default nature of deleting files in redirected folders.

Even when offline, if you try to delete a file, or move it to the recycle
bin while offline, it will give you the ominous message that this file can't
be moved to the Recycle Bin because you are offline, you must permanently



Any takers


The 2nd quirk is a separate email, and much longer J





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