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Brian thanks. I do like the electrical shock method myself. I wrote a
quick script that just sends me the machines that were added to our
Domain daily, and I just file through them. I am not an expert at
scripting so I haven't mastered the .....If it does not start with xyz
let me know kind of of script.


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3rd party software aside, the best I've been able to come up with is
attaching wireless, electrically charged nodes to an admin's phone or
PDA (seeing as it is usually on his or her hip) and sending through a
friendly "reminder jolt" when AD gets a new computer object with an
inconsistent name. This is one of those things that always bugs me,
especially when I've got a user on the phone that needs remote


Seriously, though, a while back I wrote a script that ran every hour and
would check to see if we had any oddly named PCs in the directory. It
would send a list of them in an email to a few admins. Depending on how
many machines you have in your environment, though, this could be a bit
much; we have between 115 and 130 so it isn't that bad.


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This may or may not be the place for this but I thought I would ask.
Does anyone know if it is possible through GPO or another mechanism to
enforce a naming convention for machines being added to Active

Thanks in advance. 

Craig M. Buonora 

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