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Actually it is both possible to both mirror and add, the latter is done using 
the  "This group is a member of:" part of the Restricted Groups settings, but 
you have to select the groups in "reverse" order, i.e. first the group you want 
to add and then where you want it, while in the normal case you select the 
group to manage and then who should be in it.


So if you for example want to have Domains Admins added to the local 
Administrators group, you select Add Group... in the Restricted Groups node, 
then select Domain Admins from your domain and in the "This group is a member 
of:" you select the Administrators group. Remember to select the local computer 
in the Object Picker when you browse for the local group.



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Well, restricted groups policy can't just "add" someone to a group. Your local 
groups will mirror what is specified in the GPO. In some cases this is really 
handy because you may only want specific users/groups in there and Restricted 
Groups policy will remove any user/group that is not explicitly allowed.


However, in your case, you only want to add someone, so you will probably need 
to make that change using a computer startup script.


The following link has some VBScript samples that should give you a good start:






Jamie R Nelson
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Subject: [gptalk] Add user to local administrators group


Can I use a GPO to add a user to the local administrators group on all our pc's 
in our domain?


I looked at the Restricted groups setting but I don't know if this will work.  
We have a windows 2000 domain.


Thanks for any help,

Matthew Johnson

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