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I got a PHRF rating of 237 for this boat from the p23 website
(http://www.paceship.org/ppp_specs.asp?OwnerID=1661).  I did not find a lot
of these racing, but it looks like it should be pretty fast.  John:  Please
check the size of your Genoa.  It should be no larger than 155% of LP of
overlap.  Long ago and far away, some of these boats raced PHRF and might
have a 170% overlap.  PHRF assumes 155.  If you use a larger jib, I'll have
to adjust your handicap.
By the way, LP is "luff perpendicular"  it is a line drawn from the base of
your mast to the forestay, perpendicular to the forestay.  In other words,
it is a line which would divide your foretriangle into two right triangles.
You can calculate it by based on the J measurement (tack to base of mast) of
9', I(base of mast to top of forestay) of 27'.  The rest would be a great
math excercise for your scouts.  Note that these boats were built in the
early 70's and that a new one cost about $5500.00.  Those were the days.
See ya on the water.  

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We have one boat in the water, our Paceship P23 (see attached).  Hope to see
you on the race course.




John Ormond


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LOL - We all change colours depending on our company!
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> Uva uvam vivendo varia fit
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> Mirable dictu, responses were unanimous for Sunday PM starts. Ergo, we'll
plan for the first gun at 1300 (1:00PM) each Sunday (first race Sunday 4/18)

> (Forgive the Latin but my neighbor just erected 3 Roman (Ionic ?) columns
in his backyard so it seems somehow appropriate) 
> --
> Thanks,
> Steve 
> ---- s.butkus1@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote: 
> > All,
> > Pls make sure you add the Pagan River Challenge to your race schedule!
> > 
> > --
> > Thanks,
> > Steve
> > 
> > ---- John <j.wandling@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> > > Don't forget Pagan River Challenge May 23rd. See www.whiteshoal.info
> > > particulars.
> > > 
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