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I'm glad you've reconsidered and I like the idea of having a rules meeting.
Let's have sort of a bring your own beer thing and I'd be happy to review
the rules of sailing with the group.  

I'm available most any evening.  Can anyone suggest a time and/or venue?

Maybe we can meet at the club on an off-night.  Thursday at the Gazebo might
be a good opportunity.  I was there last week and there were very few



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I over reacted this AM by withdrawing from racing. I'm in it to learn
and have fun. I don't care if I come in first or last. I'll just do my
best. If I popped my chute yesterday I know I would have been a little
more competitive but with my sore shoulder and inexperienced crew I
decided to play it safe. Anyway I suggest we have a meeting to talk
about the rules of the road to prevent future misconceptions.

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As I said in my note, section 4 of the rules of racing covers this
adequately.  We don't need and never have had any kind of 10 minute
This is fun racing and I am assuming (and hope) that we all follow the
of racing...otherwise the results don't mean much.

I have been asked about engines a couple of times, and I have always, I
think, responded by saying that you can run your engine up to the
preparatory signal.  Some people might be confusing the warning signal
minutes in our case), with the preparatory signal (5 minutes).

Be that as it may, if you have a question or are not sure about
please feel free to send me a note.

If you have a legitimate complaint against a particular competitor, the
proper thing to do is to register a protest with the race committee
(me).  I
will evaluate the complaint and, if it has merit, schedule a hearing,
appointing someone not involved in the incident to hear the complaint
decide the issue.

I hope this thing does not get so cutthroat that we have to get the
out after every race, because if it does, I'll get out of it, myself.

The rules of racing are available free with a US Sailing Membership, are
most libraries, and often can be found online.  We have only to follow
30 pages of them.

Maybe I should re-run my racing seminar this Winter?

Meanwhile, as the kids say, let's chill.

See ya on the water.


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To all,
I was not aware of a "10 minute" engine rule. I had my engine on after
that time. If I had been aware I certainly would have turned it off.
Therefore I withdraw from the race and the series. This was suppose to
be fun and it was until now.
Southern Yankee II

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Fellow Racers,

There was some question on the Anam Cara as to the 10 minute engine
It was our crew's understanding that the rule within the club is
off" 10 minutes prior to the first horn. Based on radio traffic, there
seemed to be a bit of confusion.  I know the Recovery was at the start
with us at 10:40.  There is no question that we are in a club with fair
honest sailors.  If any of the racers listed below had your engines on
10:50, I know you will withdraw yourself from the race.

I hope we can clear up the confusion before the official scores are

In kindest regards,
Anam Cara Crew

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Unofficial results of race 1 are on the website.

Rebecca J 1, Recovery 2, Anam Cara 3, Alexis 4, Windrus 5, So Yankee 6,
Odyssey DNF.

After drifting over the starting line, and wondering if I'd be lynched,
after about half an hour, the wind filled in and we had a decent race.
hope you all took time to notice the dolphins playing along the Rescue
shoreline, and the ominous waterspout that popped up over Fort Eustice
as we
were finishing.

Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend,  we're going saiing on the
Rapahannok (or however you spell it).

See ya week after.


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