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There is no such thing as a "10 minute engine rule", although you hear of it
often enough.  Here is are the actual rules that apply:

Part 4 "Part 4 rules apply only to boats racing".

42.1 - (Basic Rule for Propulsion)"...a boat shall compter by using only the
wind and water to increase, maintain, or decrease her speed..."  (The
ellipses cover special cases when it is permissable to move the crew, trim
the sails, or anchor.)

Definitions:  Racing  "A boat is racing from her preparatory signal until
she finishes ..."  (The ellipses further define finishing.)

As noted in our racing instructions, our prepatory signal is at 11:05, five
minutes prior to the first start.

I am not sure what all radio traffic Susan is referring to, but I heard a
complaint from Steve Butkus directed both to Odyssey and Rebecca J that we
were running our engines.  This complaint was made after our warning signal
but prior to the preparatory signal.  Rebecca J killed her engine prior to
the preparatory signal, and, to the best of my knowledge, so did Odyssey.

Note that depending on the racing instructions, the timing of a preparatory
signal can change.  Anyway, in our races you can run you engine up until the
preparatory signal is sounded, five minutes prior to the first start.

I hope this clarifies the situation in general as well as the situation on
Saturday morning.



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Fellow Racers,

There was some question on the Anam Cara as to the 10 minute engine rule.
It was our crew's understanding that the rule within the club is "engines
off" 10 minutes prior to the first horn. Based on radio traffic, there
seemed to be a bit of confusion.  I know the Recovery was at the start line
with us at 10:40.  There is no question that we are in a club with fair and
honest sailors.  If any of the racers listed below had your engines on after
10:50, I know you will withdraw yourself from the race.

I hope we can clear up the confusion before the official scores are made.

In kindest regards,
Anam Cara Crew

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Unofficial results of race 1 are on the website.

Rebecca J 1, Recovery 2, Anam Cara 3, Alexis 4, Windrus 5, So Yankee 6,
Odyssey DNF.

After drifting over the starting line, and wondering if I'd be lynched,
after about half an hour, the wind filled in and we had a decent race.
hope you all took time to notice the dolphins playing along the Rescue
shoreline, and the ominous waterspout that popped up over Fort Eustice
as we
were finishing.

Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend,  we're going saiing on the
Rapahannok (or however you spell it).

See ya week after.


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