[gpsbug] Re: Race 2 is in the books, Rating Discussion

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  • Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 20:12:22 -0400


I think you guys sailed a great race.   And you won regardless of the
handicap correction.  The racing would have been a lot closer. Fact is, I
screwed up the handicap on your boat while I was "tinkering" over the
winter, trying to make things more competitive.  I tried to rewicker the
handicaps based on points but overdid it with your boat.  There is just no
way Southern Yankee should be rated even with the Hunter 30.  Her
theoretical hullspeed is about 20% higher.

Last year, Recovery started at 11:12, and you started at 11:17.  the
difference between your boats was about right then, and I should have kept
about that much space between you. 

Both boats are favored in a good breeze. 

A apologize for screwing up the rating, and I invite anyone who wants to
challenge their rating to do so.  The best way would be to go ahead and
obtain an official PHRF rating certificate.  Then there would be no

Rebecca J is about the only boat in our fleet that is favored by lighter
stuff, although I think Catalinas have also been know as good boats in light
stuff.  In moderate to heavy stuff, we usually suffer from not having enough
crew weight to keep her in the water, and the heavier boats usually stay
with us.  In real heavy stuff, if we have lots of crew weight and can surf,
we can sail faster than a lot of 35 footers.   

A heavy boat has one advantage over a lighter boat....if you can get her
going, she will carry her way better through the lulls.

In light stuff, most boats will benefit by moving weight forward and to
leeward.  This reduces wetted surface and therefore drag, and lets gravity
help shape the sail.

I try to avoid really light air by having our series in the Spring, Fall,
and Winter. 

I am glad you are staying with the fleet.  We're having a windy spring and I
hope to see your continued success.


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> I guess I'm confused. Today was a perfect setup for a boat of my size. 15
> - 17 knots ebb tide etc etc. I did not challenge my start time (11:12:06)
> although somehow it was changed from last year by 10 minutes (11:22:40). I
> didn't complain last year when I started 12 minutes after the start. No
> one seemed  to mind that when the winds were light and boats that were
> much lighter would still fly and I was dead in the water. I'm not going to
> complain this year either. You tell me when to start and I'll start. I
> appreciate all the accolades that don't seem to be forthcoming for blowing
> away the field yesterday on my first sail of the season. I crossed the
> line at 12:16:06. Exactly 1 hour and four minutes after I started. We
> could have finished even sooner if we put up the multi purpose sail (MPS)
> on the downwind leg but since we knew no one could catch us so that would
> be rubbing it in. Thanks to my crew from SIGA SIGA and Summer Breeze for
> making the sail a great one. They thought conditions were unfavorable for
> them at the start. And especially thanks to my son Mark who after back
> surgery a week ago helped set the boat up for the perfect day of sailing.
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>               Race 2 is in the books...Finish order was:
>               Southern Yankee
>               Recovery
>               Alexis
>               Rebecca J
>               Hrunting
>               Today's race was a hull speed drag race which gave us an
> opportunity to see how close our handicaps are to something that is fair.
> I made a table (below), that compares the suggested PHRF rating for each
> of the boats competing today with the WSSC rating, which I assign as per
> the website and by observing the boats.  
>               PHRF vs White Shoal Handicap - Boats that Raced today.  You
> can see that Southern Yankee has a major advantage over the other boats.
> The difference in minutes (6) over todays course being much higher than
> anyone else's.  Her margin of victory today was about 5 minutes.   My only
> excuse is that she has not sailed enough for me to make the kind of
> observations I made today, but it is clear that a rating adjustment is in
> order.  Giving her credit for all her cruising gear, it looks as if she
> should rate about 170  and start with Alexis, so I have put her there.  
>               This one is in the books, so let it stand, but I've changed
> it for subsequent races.  I hope no one is unduly miffed or
> inconvenienced, but I hope you all appreciate how difficult it is to come
> to an equitable rating for such widely diverse boats while still trying to
> keep it fun for everyone.
>               Thanks.
>               John
>                                       PHRF    WSSC    Diff (secs) Diff
> (over today's course in minutes).
>               Southern Yankee 162     220     58      6
>               Recovery                219     220     1       0
>               Alexis                  168     170     2       0
>               Hrunting                234     240     6       1
>               Rebecca J               135     135     0       0       

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