[gpsbug] Race 2 is in the books, Rating Discussion

  • From: "John" <j.wandling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 16:00:13 -0400

Race 2 is in the books...Finish order was:
Southern Yankee
Rebecca J

Today's race was a hull speed drag race which gave us an opportunity to see
how close our handicaps are to something that is fair.  I made a table
(below), that compares the suggested PHRF rating for each of the boats
competing today with the WSSC rating, which I assign as per the website and
by observing the boats.  

PHRF vs White Shoal Handicap - Boats that Raced today.  You can see that
Southern Yankee has a major advantage over the other boats.  The difference
in minutes (6) over todays course being much higher than anyone else's.  Her
margin of victory today was about 5 minutes.   My only excuse is that she
has not sailed enough for me to make the kind of observations I made today,
but it is clear that a rating adjustment is in order.  Giving her credit for
all her cruising gear, it looks as if she should rate about 170  and start
with Alexis, so I have put her there.  

This one is in the books, so let it stand, but I've changed it for
subsequent races.  I hope no one is unduly miffed or inconvenienced, but I
hope you all appreciate how difficult it is to come to an equitable rating
for such widely diverse boats while still trying to keep it fun for



                        PHRF    WSSC    Diff (secs) Diff (over today's
course in minutes).
Southern Yankee 162     220     58      6
Recovery                219     220     1       0
Alexis                  168     170     2       0
Hrunting                234     240     6       1
Rebecca J               135     135     0       0       

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