[gps-talkusers] enabling WAAS

  • From: Michael May <mikemay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gps-talkusers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 08:54:41 -0700


The Sendero GPS says WAAS or Very Good  when you press the G key to get GPS 

WAAS being five times as accurate is not my experience. The average GPS 
accuracy is 30 feet and with WAAS it can be 10 feet. WAAS isn't always 
available and it isn't always 10 feet.  Our new 3.5 announces approximate 
accuracy in feet so you have a relative idea of how much WAAS helps.

As far as bogging down the receiver, I have never seen this. The Holux receiver 
with WAAS enabled has no lack of responsiveness. I assume that WAAS takes a bit 
more battery power but I have no proof of that either. You get about 10 hours 
with the Holux and they say you can get up to 10 hours in power saving mode. 
This mode isn't something you can enable on the BrailleNote and I don't know if 
it would stay enabled even if you did it on the PC.

 At 11:40 PM 4/3/2006, you wrote:
>Just a quick question. Although enabling WAAS is supposed to give you five 
>times greater accuracy, supposedly it also bogs down your receiver's ability 
>to obtain satellites and makes this process slower. How true is this?

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