[gnulinuxinasia] Yet another list on FLOSS?

  • From: "Frederick Noronha (FN)" <fred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 11:10:48 +0530

Dear friends:

BytesForAll has just launched a new mailing list, specifically focused
on Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS, or FOSS). Details of
the group are below. We invite all interested to join.

Rather than replicating the many existing FLOSS networks, this one
intends to have a specific agenda (i) build cross-border regional South
Asian links among FLOSS campaigners, users and supporters (ii) share
resources and building networks among those working on localisation of
FLOSS, particularly on languages which have implications for more than
one country in the region, or whose initiatives we can learn from (with
a special emphasis on Urdu, Bengali, Nepali, the Devanagari script,
smaller languages currently unsupported by FLOSS and/or proprietorial
software, etc).

In this way, we hope to complement, support and spread awareness about
useful initiatives like IndicComputing, Ankur Bangla, and the MPP
initiatives on Nepali localisation. On the Urdu front, in particular,
links between Pakistan and north India (particularly) are needed on the
FLOSS front. 

Your support and active participation is welcome!

Many thanks to Fouad Riaz Bajwa <bajwa@xxxxxxxxxx> of Pakistan for his
high energy levels and repeated prodding to BytesForAll for
undertaking this initiative.

INTRODUCING THE GROUP: A network to link Free/Libre and Open Source
Software (FLOSS, or FOSS) advocates in South Asia, with an intention
of building regional links and specially encouraging localisation
efforts in this populous part of the planet which can really benefit
from the power of free-as-in-freedom software. This is a sub-group of
the wider BytesForAll Network.
Frederick 'FN' Noronha      | http://fn-at-google.notlong.com
Goa, India                  | fred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Co-Founder, BytesForAll     | +91(832)2409490 Cell 9822122436

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