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Some issues that caught my eye in LFY April 2006 issue. LFY, or Linux
For You, is published from New Delhi. See http://linuxforu.com And LFY
team, can you have more content for newbies please?

Software features: * Ntop, excellent monitoring tool that makes remote
configuration and administration of networks easy. * GnuPG Hacks. GnuPG
does a lot more than just encrypt and decrypt e-mail and attachments. *
Getting started with the Linux Intrusion Detection System (LIDS). * An
SELinux Primer. "In the world of Linux, SELinux is the new buzzword..." 

* Hunt down bandwidth hoggers with iptables * Setting up a CCTV system
with motion detection on GNU/Linux. "There are many practical situations
in modern life that necessitate CCTV surveilance." * Subversion, not
just for code anymore. Subversive way to handle multiple version of your
personal information, instead of just versions of code. * Asterisk,
build an entire telephony system around computers. Page 62.

* Pepping Up KDE with KDE-Look.org * Panel tips * 

This was an interesting article: What makes [GNU]Linux tick as a
programming stronghold? Takes a look at "all the offerings [GNU] Linux
has in store for programmers.... The goodies on offer -- languages.
Libraries, making the developer's life easy. Programming tools. Also a
small box item on 'how to get started with programming on GNU/Linux.
Page 118 

OPENOFFICE.org BASE: Version 2 of OpenOffice.org adds a new tool,
OpenOffice.org Base, to the already impressive arsenal of the suite.
Base is a full-featured database tool, which is fun to use and can help
you manage your data with ease. Also, another feature on OpenOffice.org
Math: Seamless Equations for Technical Documents.

VectorLinux: a distro meant for aging machines. It infuses new life into
old systems, making the prospect of expensive upgrades a thing of the
past. Page 44.

          Tips and tricks: Mounting ISOs * Krusader file manager
          (emulates Norton Commander) * Compress, uncompress files
          * Mouse emulation * Keeping a copy of syslog on a remote
          server * and more...

Stories from India and Asia: * Savings and reliability at
Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats (Delhi). * Migrating to
GNU/Linux at Clearock Enterprises (for freedom from viruses). * Serving
farmers at Jagriti e-Sewa in Punjab, with FLOSS * Searching for
TuxHeroes at http://www.linuxforu.com/tuxhero/faq.htm 

* Go [free software and] open source for e-governance, father of India's
telecom revolution Sam Pritoda says * $187 laptop for the Chinese,
courtesy Linux from the Menglan Group. Laptop will be called Longmeng
(Dragon Dream). * Red Hat commits to modernising the education system in
India. * GiveIndia.org, FLOSS strengthens a donor-portal for non-profit
organisations. * A smart phone reference platform from India's GDA
Technologies, this is a modular PDA phone reference design based on the
Freescale iMX31 multimedia application processor. 

* Motorola has launched a new Linux-based smart phone in Hong Kong,
christened Ming. It comes with email and personal information management
software, and Chinese character recognition. * RTLinuxPro is calling
itself "the hard real time OS for mission-critical real time systems and
embedded systems". Its offices are at Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore
www.fsmlabs.com or www.altosys.co.in

          This month's cover focuses on FLOSS in South Africa. This
          writer too was impressed by the work going on there.
          Perhaps a good exchange of ideas would arise if some group
          like LFY could manage to distribute (with permission) the
          two DVDs that tell the story of what's happening in that
          country via the first FLOSS TV programme in the world.
          We've viewed some of those programmes in Goa...and it's great!

* Wind River Linux in Bangalore (Miller's Road) is offering device
  software optimisation (DSO), and more. www.windriver.com
* Red Hat authorised training partners in India are at:
* Go straight here to register your LUG/GLUG/FSUG
  http://linuxforu.com/AddLug.php Numbers of user-groups are
  growing, and this listing probably needs more space!
* Daily tech updates: http://www.efytimes.com
* Customised onsite training for corporates from EDASolutions
  in Hyderabad http://www.techveda.org
* Wanted: writers. lfyedit@xxxxxxxxxxxx or lfyedit2@xxxxxxxxxxxx

          AT THE END OF THE PAGE: What's the Jerk-O-Meter? On a scale
          of 1 to 10, how do you rate yourself as a conversationalist?
          Do you know when you are being a smooth talker or a 
          distracted 'jerk' over the cell phone? An innovative
          application, the Jerk-O-Meter tells you exactly that. A group
          of researchers, led by Anmol Madan (24), a PhD candidate at
          the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab,
          has devised a real-time speech feature analysis application
          -- peculiarly called the Jerk-O-Meter (JOM). 
ON THE CD: The "all-new GNOME 2.14". Wind River General Purpose Platform
1.2 Evaluation only.

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