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> Instead of arguing for wiping out dos in machines it would be better to
> get 'permission' to work in freedos in at least 5 machines. Help fellow
> students to use freedos. let that become a popular demand. Freedom

Mahesh,The above thing can be a significant change in strategy. See in my
case, I said them I cannot use these software and the syllabus is not
specifying that. What we want is to use free software in our academics. So i
think we can stick on to that and say that I value my freedom and can only
use Free Software instead of being much aggressive and saying "throw out all
the windows"(which obviously  may hurt their feelings or whatever... its a
fact that this is what they have been using and studying all these years..)
. Because in that case, the people involved are not essentially you alone
and majority (teachers and students!) is not ready for a change!! While its
better to say your case. As we want to have freedom,We will use free
software, and then as the next step, we can say "See, I could complete my
paper in free software and why cant the others be allowed to have a better
life in freedom?"  Then they will consider taking a look into it!
other than that,obviously a mass migration is only possible with all staffs
understanding the need for Free Software. But this minimal way to request a
change for ourselves, will not be that resisting from the department.Because
we have a valid reason, with the university not recommending any software
we  have the right to refuse to study proprietary software and to leave in
freedom and Refusing that request is no more valid and thats no more an
issue of personal likes and dislikes.
That would be a better try for change,to show them ourselves changed and
then demanding other's change describing the advantages.

I have to write it like, "I am taking the responsibility of installing this
software in lab,and i will not raise any complains against the dept,in case
anything goes wrong during examination." to get the permission and thats
fairly normal. But i think as a first step,we will have to move through

In this case the technical difference between masm,nasm or tasm is not
relevant.Because all three can cover the specified syllabus. And initially
as it will only affect ourselves, it will be our business to study it and
make it ready.

Attached is a nasm code for file operations,as you asked last eve.

Cant we try that way?
Best wishes.

Now there is another issue. There are softwares which are written in the
university syllabus
Specifically matlab  for AEI,EEE,and ECE (donno cse  and IT have that..)
AFAIK everything for academics can also be done in well established free
software alternative   GNU octave.

But any scope in making the departments change or allowing us to change?
there the position is different,we are saying that we cant study the thing
in university syllabus.
Issues like this have already being address in the syllabus review campaign
as you can see here fci.wikia.com/wiki/Syllabus_Review
Anyway IMHO, this,i.e. the educational sector is the first area to be
changed,if we want to see the world Free.
Thats quiet evident with kerala as an example. Now computer vendors are
having a look at GNU as the customer demand also increased, as new people
buying a computer also want the software his son/daughter studies to be
installed in that.

So let us try our best for that.

മഹേഷ് മുകുന്ദന് | Mahesh M wrote:
> Well guys. Look at this point also..
> I am in the computer science department of MESCE. I am not being
> pesimistic but this is a matter of fact I'm talking about. Please do
> not expect too much from CSE in anything. We have a nearly 90% of the
> faculty looking at Free Software movement in the college with an eye
> that is usually used for culprits.
> The other day I was taking permision from my Project in-charge about
> the matter that I had dne my project report work using Open Office and
> that i thus will not be able to able to stick to the rules which wants
> me to do it in Times New Roman. I was dissappointed when he said that
> he cannot support that. "Free Software philosophies can be talked
> about in many other occations and you will have enough places to talk
> about it. Do not bring in that to your accadamics" was his reply.
> I installed Freedos in the machines and asked them to put away Windoz
> as we dont need them any more. A meeting was held in this
> regard(rather this was talked about in a meeting). The conclusion was
> that they cant drop Windoz as stdents may require it for project
> purposes. I said that 5 systems may be left for that but none agreed.
> It was a great work done by Shyam when he succcessfully changed the
> TASM to NASM. It is a big change for them as it is nt a core thing for
> them. But the faculty was supportive enough for the change to take
> place. And I'm sorry to say that niether is the faculty in my
> department ready for a change nor are they ready to learn new stuff as
> the Electronics faculty. I feel jelous of you Shyam. you have a great
> faculty to support you.
> The IT department is also lucky enough to get Raju Sir and Raghesh
> Sir. No one except for Irshad Sir is here to support in this reagard.
> But how far can he struggle alone. No group activity, no research
> groups or anything of such sort shall be possible as an initiative
> from the bloody CSE dept of this college.
> But we can do a lot of other things like support any such activities
> as much as possible. But pls dont expect us to organise anything on
> our own. Its next t impossible. Well, without the support fromfaculty
> how far can a group go??
> Apart from that, i have few suggetions to make.
> * we cannot have GNU Labs as part of a particular department. Its just
> a platform and a methodology to work, IRRESPECTIVE OF DEPT. IT WILL

> > * In the talk can we have a topic like "Job oppurtunities,
> > enterprenurship and software freedom"
> > * Calling the Thrisur GEC guys for a talk on Hackerdom.
> >
> >

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