[gmpi] Re: 3.11 topic: Patch/Program loading

  • From: Chris Grigg <gmpi-public@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 12:05:15 -0700

Well, if plug state is a blob, and the host handles save/restore for plugs, then the plug could include any desired banks (including factory presets) in the blob.

But sure, of course a plug writer would want to be able to have user-extendable patch/bank libraries for each plug product. (E.g., all instances of plug P include a 'presets' pull-down menu, and users can save plug state at any time from any instance of P into the preset pool, such that it becomes available to all future P instances). I guess the choices are either a) you let plugs access the file system in a free-form manner themselves (though preferably mediated through the GMPI API so that code doesn't have to be re-written per platform), or else b) you create specific patch/bank management in GMPI.

My hunch is a) is better, maybe with some guidelines about where in the file system a plug is allowed/encouraged/etc. to collect its patch/bank files. I'm worried (perhaps overcautiously) that if we try to provide a framework for this, folks will need things we haven't thought of and just do a) anyway.

-- Chris G.

Are plugins not allowed to do patch manatgement themselves?  I know a lot
of VSTs that have their own way of doing bank/patch files that would not
be happy if we told them they can't do that anymore.

Since this touches on self-automation and plugin state and properties and
structures, I saved it for last.

How do you envision GMPI handling patch/program load/change?


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