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Dear Colleague

Firstly we would like to offer sincere thanks and congratulations to all of you that have understood the need for this initiative and undertaken to link themselves personally to the global mission of this initiative.

We started to ask for support for the idea of a Global NGO for education in Mid-April, to test the idea with educators. Since then we have been overwhelmed with support and supporters and it seems obvious to us that the idea has real validity with educators from every level and in every country.

We do feel that the Foundation must have a global dimension and bring in educators with deep expertise in multiple fields to work together to better global education.

To share some statistics, as of today, we have 1,002 supporters in 91 countries. These include 19 University Vice-Chancellors or Rectors, over 500 University professors, Deans, Chairs and Directors of Institutes, Faculties heads from over 400 universities. An additional 400 educators come from every other possible level in education including school teachers and administrators, consultants and adult learning specialists.

Our very limited, volunteer resources have just about managed to cope with the tidal wave of support, but little else, especially as we have no funding at this stage and suggestions and help in this direction are very much needed. In addition, our development timetable now must be completely changed.


<< We now need your direct help to realize the dream of this initiative and make it come alive. >>

I would like to list some of the practical steps that we have thought of, were we need your help. There may be additional areas were you have experience that can also help the foundation, we are open to your ideas and thoughts.

1. Steering Committee - we need experienced educators who are in a position to help establish the foundation by joining the first Steering committee. Ideally they should have experience in setting up and running NGOs and can share or offer practical help.

2. Webhost - offer a webhost for the first website (a basic site is prepared and a domain name has been purchased see the Temporary website at: http://globaled.white.prohosting.com/ )

3. Discussion Forum (Temporary) - a yahoo discussion group has been established, please join at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Global_Education_Foundation/?yguid=163347616

4. Moderators - offer to help Moderate the Yahoo discussion group - we will speak individually with moderators on the direction of the discussions.

5. Regional/National coordinators - we have supporters in 91 countries and the dream is to be a global. We will need the help of volunteers, who are prepared to be listed on the Foundation website as initial information centres of the Foundation within a region, state or country.

6. Use of comments - many supporters have sent very generous and important comments. We would ask your individual permission to use these on the public website. Comments will be attributed with the name and Institution of the author.


Milestone 1 - Founding Meeting

Looking at our development plan the first milestone is for a small meeting of committed supporters and the 'Steering committee' in the UK as soon as possible. The purpose of the meeting is: 1. To agree a legal structure and complete Memorandum and Articles of Assocation of the Foundation ( it may be best to create a parent NGO and subsidiaries in some countries)
2. To select Trustees and a temporary governing board
3. To complete a full development plan
4. To define, more narrowly than to date, the purpose and direction of projects that will be the core activity of the foundation
5. To define a funding strategy and how it will be implemented

To reach this milestone we need to:
1. Select a short list of attendees based on their experience in setting up and/or running NGOs in education, and who are willing to be involved at this meeting 2. To raise sufficient funding to pay for the cost of travel, hotels and subsistance of any attendees that require financial help
3. To raise sufficient funding to take the foundation to Milestone 2

We will also need UK supporters who are willing to offer a meeting place and to help with logistics. I think London would be best to reduce travel cost and time, but we are open to offers.

Milestone 2 - Launch Conference (online and offline)

The purpose of the conference is:
1. To introduce the foundation to potential funding bodies (charitable and commercial) and engage them with the foundation either as funders or/and as governors
2. To introduce the foundation to the press
3. To finalise the development plan and structure of the foundation

To reach this milestone funding will be required to market the initiative to funding bodies who will be invited to the conference and to pay for the conference itself.


At the moment communication is only through Joel. The purpose of the Yahoo group is to enable network communication by all. In Europe, we are using Skype (voice over IP) extensively to communicate as it removes barriers and even allows conference calling. Responders to the above requests for help will be given my Skype username to enable better communication.

With best wishes and thank you for your ongoing support.

Joel H Josephson. Founder and Executive Director
The Kindersite Project
Where children play and teachers learn
Stockholm Prize Finalists
European Union Projects: Don’t Give Up, ALL, TOOL2, Chain Stories, Languages from the Cradle, FaceIt
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