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Dear Friends

We would like to open some discussions regarding the Foundation and would very much appreciate your opinions and ideas.

The discussions will take place on the Foundation's Yahoo Group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Global_Education_Foundation/ The group is open to all foundation supporters and you can join without payment.

The first subject that we want to discuss are the high-level Aims and Objectives of the Foundation. You can see these on the Yahoo Group under the Files menu. I have also placed them below my signature.

Please can I ask for volunteers to translate them in to alternative languages and place them in to the files area or send the translation to me?

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your comments.

Please note: do not add your comments by replying to this email, they cannot be seen. Please comment through the Yahoo group, thank you.

Best wishes

Joel H Josephson. Joint-Initiator
Global Education Foundation (Education Foundation of Europe)
http://globaled.white.prohosting.com/ (temporary)

Aims and Objectives

We believe that:
If we start with education, there is the potential to create a more just and equitable, knowledge based society

That education of our citizens is the only way to maximize the overall potential of society

Through reasoned and open debate educators can offer society sound and practical steps to improve education

That educators working together, across national, political and racial divides, can best produce the ideas and methodologies that can best benefit the education of citizens

Guiding Aims

The guiding aims of the GEF are:

To improve - the education of citizens globally

To share - educational knowledge between rich and poor nations and between privileged and under-privileged sectors of society and to bridge digital and educational divides

To listen - to the voice of educators from every field and level of education and to incorporate their experience and knowledge in to local, national and regional education

To bridge - political, national, racial and religious divides within education

To enable - educators from every level and field of education to work together, to gain from the interaction of their experience and knowledge

To breakdown - dividing walls between expert areas and to show that the whole is more than the parts

To understand - that equality of education is the best hope for the future of our planet

Specific Objectives

These aims are focused through specific objectives:

To create a global network of educators that will conduct open-discussions. The discussions will look at global and specialist issues, and build understanding and knowledge between widely disparate educators

To create a group of funding businesses, agencies and foundations that will enable the foundation to fulfill its Aims and Objectives

To create a mechanism whereby global and specific areas of education that require urgent attention can be identified, and were knowledge based solutions, can be implemented effectively and with impact

To design calls for projects by partnerships, analyze proposals and fund international projects

To build a global network of coordinators that will disseminate information to and from their local region

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