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Seeking in the web I found out this info

What is cyber defamation?

Cyber defamation is any defamation on the internet. Just like other types
of defamation, cyber defamation is also against the law. An example of
cyber defamation is when someone sends an email saying hurtful things about
you to someone else or if they post hurtful and untrue things about you on
the internet.
What can I do if I have been defamed on the internet?

Contact the website administrator  and report what has happened and request
that the information be taken down.

The Court has recognised cyber defamation to be the same as other forms of
defamation and you can take action against a person who defames you over
the internet. Even if they did not name you, as long as there is enough
information for other people to recognise that the defamatory material is
about you, then it is enough. If you feel that you have been defamed by
comments, photos or other material written about you online you can contact
the website administrator and/or the police.
What to do if you have defamed someone over the internet?

If you have defamed someone over the internet, it is not too late to do
something about it. Firstly, you should remove the material immediately. If
the person you have defamed made a written complaint that you have defamed
them, you can offer to help and improve the situation within 28 days.

Sometimes you might find that you become involved in defaming someone
without meaning to. For example, if someone sends you a defamatory email
about someone else and you forward it on to other people. In that case,
even if you were not the original author, you may still be responsible.
Also, be aware that because emails can be circulated so easily, there might
be more people getting the email than you originally intended.

*María Cristina Azcona*

*María Cristina Azcona*

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