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Children… Travel by the train oh Harmony, through the seasons of poetry that is the school for the culture of peace and love for all mankind on earth ... By the flowery scented stations and the most beautiful thing we can give them: freedom - tolerance - respect - health - love - study - art - justice in peace... Ernesto Kahan 2014

Quoting Leo Semashko <leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx>:

Dear Ayo and GHA members:

Thank you very much for reminding us of the GHA highest priority, stated since the GHA opening in 2005: “The children are priority of harmonious peace”. Therefore, your initiative to create the Global Peace Science (GPS) Primer (approximately in 150-200 pages) for children deserves undoubtedly full support.

Something already is done in this direction. In Russia, was opened the School of Harmonious Development (Alla Voronova). Teacher Svetlana Kuskovskaya conducts classes for elementary school students on the GPS program, which is published in GPS book (Chapter 7.20). Chinta Yogi, Nepal also wrote an article on this subject (Chapter 7.16.). Surendra Pathak also wrote on this topic. In addition, I have long, still after the publication of the ABC of Harmony in 2012, suggested "The ABC of Harmony Cubes" project of the children's game, which can be converted to the game "Global Peace Cubes", where children can build peace of cubes, appropriate to GPS.

Before the creation of this Primer is many challenges, the main among them are the epistemological and institutional/organizational. Developing Ayo initiative, I propose to discuss for the GHA members during 7 days (up to April 28 inclusively) the GHA corresponding project: "Global Peace Science. Primer". Its draft (4 pages) see in attachment and here:

Its most difficult and responsible part: "Epistemology of War and Peace" is presented below.
Of course, the GPS Primer should include not only “short stories, poetry and paintings”, as suggested by Ayo, but the GPS basic concepts, which should be expressed in very simple - it is my duty and task. I know how to do it. I invite all to discuss this wonderful Ayo’s idea expressed in the proposed project to your attention. Best wishes for peace from harmony via GPS,

Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA Honorary President

Epistemology of War and Peace
The philosophical substantiation of Peace Science Primer (PSP) for its coauthors

Global Peace Science (GPS) is a revolution of peacemaking thinking, knowledge and consciousness, generating a revolution of all the social sciences that is well illustrated by the entire content of this science, first created in 2015 in the Global Harmony Association (GHA) [1]. Therefore, the Primer of revolutionary Peace Science inherits and develops the GPS revolution of thinking. PSP cannot refuse from it, because otherwise it will be primer of all but not a new GPS.

The philosophical foundation of the GPS revolution of peacemaking thinking is simple epistemology of war and peace. Its results in the knowledge of war and peace today are in three universal, incontrovertible and obvious to all the facts. First, the traditional thinking throughout thousands of years of human history have been unable to find a way of overcoming war and achieve global peace: war were and are an inherent part of human life, in spite of countless attempts to put an end to them. Second, the traditional thinking has been able to give birth more than two centuries ago only military science, which, with its unprecedented achievements, summed up humanity to brink of the most sophisticated military self-destruction. Third, the traditional knowledge for all the thousands of years has been unable to understand the deep social harmony as the ultimate source of global peace and generate the appropriate Global Peace Science, which was born in 2015 not because of but in spite of the traditional thinking. The limitation of traditional thinking and cognition is the root epistemological cause of a military nature of entire past human history, which was complemented by a social cause, disclosed in GPS. Epistemologically this thinking was and remains militaristic. Why? For what reason is?

The limitations of traditional thinking/knowledge has long been criticized by philosophers. Probably, else the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus 2.5 thousand years ago was the first who aphoristic defined its main defect: "Much learning does not teach understanding", is devoid of "harmony of opposites" knowledge and "hidden (deep) harmony is better than obvious". Philosophical transcription of this, may be very wise aphorism is as follows: <<knowledge of many particulars and details are not taught to the mind and peace, does not give them, and cannot see through the superficial struggle and war of opposites their deep inner harmony>>. The war, strife, violence, conflict and struggle of opposites lie on the surface of society, they are easily and simply fixed by the senses in their infinite particulars and details that fill out our traditional way of thinking. It drowns in them limiting by their. It does not teach us the mind and peace, without penetrating into the harmonious depth of an infinite number of parts and details. The great thinkers of ancient Egypt, India, Greece, China: Buddha, Pythagoras, Confucius, Empedocles, Laozi, Plato, Aristotle and others have found the depth of thinking in the spheres of cosmos, society and the individual and in secret, hidden from the eyes, harmony of these spheres. Unfortunately, harmony of the spheres and its knowledge / thinking were remained the lot of a few thinkers because of their epistemological difficulties, social underdevelopment and not demanding.

Global Peace Science is the first ever example of a unfolded scientific thinking by a deep harmony of social structure of SPHERONS as the spheral classes of the population, determining natural peaceful nature of human and society. These classes, mastering with deep knowledge and thinking of harmony for the social spheres, are able to consciously build a global peace in human society. Only such thinking teaches a human with true mind and peace. Only such thinking we need to teach since childhood and in all schools. Only teaching such thinking may be the ultimate goal and constant subject for Peace Science Primer (PSP). Only this philosophy and corresponding thinking, knowledge and education can ensure global peace, which is not available for traditional way of thinking. Only this epistemology of war and peace is able to unite into a single creative team of the PSP co-authors. Only this epistemology of war and peace, planted and unfolded in GPS, can be the basis of the proposed PSP principles and contents (below).

Without these epistemological conditions and requirements of its creation is impossible. Without them, it is mired in the details and particulars, powerless to resist the war, to ensure global peace and will be one of the many books about peace of traditional thinking, even in something useful for peace but generally useless for it. Are the PSP authors ready to the new way of thinking? If they are ready to learn and understand GPS then they will be ready for this Primer.

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Dear GHA members,
Warm greetings. I hope this e-mail finds you well.
It is my pleasure to write a letter requesting your support and participation in the proposed GPS for Children book. It will include short stories, poetry and paintings on Global Peace Science.
The main goal of this project is to create a lifelong reader and get kids to enjoy stories, poetry, paintings for peace, to be inspired by poems and stories and for them to be able to think critically and creatively. There is the need to create a GPS book specially for children considering the fact that children won’t understand the more complex literature like GPS- they will not understand the concepts, the subject matter, the vocabulary, the structure etc, It explains why this book is very important.
I am very happy about addressing this exciting opportunity and I look forward to our forming a GPS Children team- editorial board etc, to collaborate on this very important project for GHA whose sole purpose is educating for harmony, peace, active non-violence and pretty much energizing, empowering and strengthening children and the community.
These books would be used as a textbook for peace education in schools, projects etc.
I am extremely excited about the possibilities and the ability to successfully transform our plan into reality and would love to get you involved.
I would love for you to join me. If you are interested in being part of this project, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanking you all.

Peace n’ all good,
Ayo Ayoola-Amale ESQ.
Educator|Lawyer|Poet|Peace Builder|Writer|Public Speaker
Founder/President,Splendors of Dawn
President GHA - Africa
Vice President, GHA
Vice President, Poets of the World
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