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Thanks for the info. I think this is the most important work we can do!

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> Everyone,
> In 1940, on the eve of the United States entry into World War II, the late
> Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (1895-1979) published *Freedom Under God*. This 
> Labor
> Day, September 2, Norm Kurland's all-volunteer interfaith Center for
> Economic and Social Justice (CESJ) is republishing a new, annotated version
> of this neglected classic under its “Economic Justice Media” imprint,
> complete with an in-depth foreword written especially for this edition, as
> well as a bibliography and index not included in the first edition.****
> Norm has led the Just Third Way movement. You may want to visit CESJ’s
> website at http://www.cesj.org , noting especially the “accomplishments
> brochure,” <http://www.cesj.org/about/CESJ-Accomplishments.pdf>which
> briefly mentions CESJ’s two audiences with Pope John Paul II, during the
> first of which in 1987 with members of Polish Solidarity before the
> collapse of the Soviet Union, when the pope graciously encouraged CESJ in
> its work.
> ** **
> While *Freedom Under God* addresses the loss of true freedom throughout
> the world, Sheen’s special concern was freedom of religion. This is under
> increasing attack today. Personal and family economic life are also in
> grave danger as the State continues to expand its economic power to fill
> the vacuum left by the growing powerlessness of ordinary people under
> monopoly capitalism.****
> ** **
> Then-Monsignor Sheen traced the rise of totalitarian State power in the
> first half of the 20th century to the fact that fewer and fewer people in
> America and throughout the world owned labor-displacing productive capital
> assets — what Sheen called “creative wealth.” As Sheen argued, only
> universal personal and joint access to the power and profits associated
> with private property rights in capital has the capacity to restore the
> foundation of true personal freedom, empowerment and human dignity.
> ** **
> In conformity with the precepts of the natural law on which Sheen relied
> to develop his thought, CESJ adds that genuine economic reform must also
> comply with the Just Third Way triad of interdependent principles of
> economic justice: Participative Justice, Distributive Justice, and Harmonic
> Justice. Lawyer-economist-ESOP inventor Louis O. Kelso and Aristotelian
> philosopher Mortimer J. Adler first described these principles in Chapter 5
> of their best-selling 1958 book *The Capitalist Manifesto*, which can be
> downloaded free from http://www.cesj.org/**publications/freedownloads.**
> html <http://www.cesj.org/publications/freedownloads.html>.****
> ** **
> Sheen’s eloquent call for a moral foundation for a just market economy
> beyond monopolistic ownership under capitalism as well as all forms of
> collective ownership fell on deaf ears. The near-global acceptance since
> the Great Depression of the 1930s of the Keynesian "mixed economic model"
> totally ignores broad-based capital ownership as a natural supplement to
> any nation's income distribution policy.  State-controlled debt-backed
> money, plutocratic ownership, ever-rising price levels, and redistributive
> tax systems have stunted faster rates of market-based, sustainable and
> balanced growth in every country.  But this flawed, class-divided model has
> become the unquestioned model for economic development.****
> ** **
> The world needs the wisdom of Fulton Sheen now more than ever. The
> republication of *Freedom Under God* helps introduce the work of this
> pivotal thinker to a new generation of readers and students, as well as to
> CESJ’s comprehensive set of monetary, tax and other institutional reforms
> to achieve a property-based form of economic democracy to serve as a
> complement to political democracy for achieving Peace, Prosperity and
> Freedom in all countries throughout the Global Village.****
> ** **
> Fulton J. Sheen’s *Freedom Under God*, ISBN 978-0-944997-11-6, cover
> price $20.00, will soon be available on-line from Amazon and Barnes and
> Noble, and by special order from selected other bookstores. Quantity
> discounts are available for schools and universities, religious
> organizations of all faiths, and Justice-oriented civic groups. We are
> asking for your support to ensure the success of this effort to reintroduce
> this “long lost” work by a great thinker to new generations of people of
> all faiths who are unfamiliar with Sheen’s work in this area.
> Yours in harmony,****
> Bruce****
> Bruce L. Cook, Ph.D.
> President, GHA-USA
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> ****
> ** **

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