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In 1940, on the eve of the United States entry into World War II, the late 
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (1895-1979) published Freedom Under God. This Labor 
Day, September 2, Norm Kurland's all-volunteer interfaith Center for Economic 
and Social Justice (CESJ) is republishing a new, annotated version of this 
neglected classic under its “Economic Justice Media” imprint, complete with an 
in-depth foreword written especially for this edition, as well as a 
bibliography and index not included in the first edition.

Norm has led the Just Third Way movement. You may want to visit CESJ’s website 
at http://www.cesj.org , noting especially the “accomplishments brochure,”which 
briefly mentions CESJ’s two audiences with Pope John Paul II, during the first 
of which in 1987 with members of Polish Solidarity before the collapse of the 
Soviet Union, when the pope graciously encouraged CESJ in its work.  
While Freedom Under God addresses the loss of true freedom throughout the 
world, Sheen’s special concern was freedom of religion. This is under 
increasing attack today. Personal and family economic life are also in grave 
danger as the State continues to expand its economic power to fill the vacuum 
left by the growing powerlessness of ordinary people under monopoly capitalism.
Then-Monsignor Sheen traced the rise of totalitarian State power in the first 
half of the 20th century to the fact that fewer and fewer people in America and 
throughout the world owned labor-displacing productive capital assets — what 
Sheen called “creative wealth.” As Sheen argued, only universal personal and 
joint access to the power and profits associated with private property rights 
in capital has the capacity to restore the foundation of true personal freedom, 
empowerment and human dignity.

In conformity with the precepts of the natural law on which Sheen relied to 
develop his thought, CESJ adds that genuine economic reform must also comply 
with the Just Third Way triad of interdependent principles of economic justice: 
Participative Justice, Distributive Justice, and Harmonic Justice. 
Lawyer-economist-ESOP inventor Louis O. Kelso and Aristotelian philosopher 
Mortimer J. Adler first described these principles in Chapter 5 of their 
best-selling 1958 book The Capitalist Manifesto, which can be downloaded free 
from http://www.cesj.org/publications/freedownloads.html.
Sheen’s eloquent call for a moral foundation for a just market economy beyond 
monopolistic ownership under capitalism as well as all forms of collective 
ownership fell on deaf ears. The near-global acceptance since the Great 
Depression of the 1930s of the Keynesian "mixed economic model" totally ignores 
broad-based capital ownership as a natural supplement to any nation's income 
distribution policy.  State-controlled debt-backed money, plutocratic 
ownership, ever-rising price levels, and redistributive tax systems have 
stunted faster rates of market-based, sustainable and balanced growth in every 
country.  But this flawed, class-divided model has become the unquestioned 
model for economic development.
The world needs the wisdom of Fulton Sheen now more than ever. The 
republication of Freedom Under God helps introduce the work of this pivotal 
thinker to a new generation of readers and students, as well as to CESJ’s 
comprehensive set of monetary, tax and other institutional reforms to achieve a 
property-based form of economic democracy to serve as a complement to political 
democracy for achieving Peace, Prosperity and Freedom in all countries 
throughout the Global Village.
Fulton J. Sheen’s Freedom Under God, ISBN 978-0-944997-11-6, cover price 
$20.00, will soon be available on-line from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and by 
special order from selected other bookstores. Quantity discounts are available 
for schools and universities, religious organizations of all faiths, and 
Justice-oriented civic groups. We are asking for your support to ensure the 
success of this effort to reintroduce this “long lost” work by a great thinker 
to new generations of people of all faiths who are unfamiliar with Sheen’s work 
in this area.

Yours in harmony,
Bruce L. Cook, Ph.D.
President, GHA-USA
Vice-President, GHA
Director of CSSS Publishing and Editorial team
President, World Writers
Resources, Inc.
Author, Harmony of Nations: 1943 – 2020, Just Fiction Editions, 2012
1407 Getzelman Drive
Elgin, IL 60123 USA

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