[geocentrism] Sphere movement

  • From: Neville Jones <njones@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 13:51:44 -0800

Regner, Philip and Paul,

Take a look at the latest diagram attached.

Take any non-polar point, P, on the surface of a sphere. Assume that the sphere is small and that it rotates about the axis AB. Sample the point P at 1 minute intervals, where the sphere takes 1436 minutes to rotate once around AB. Does P rotate about AB following the path indicated by arrow 1?

Now assume the sphere to be bigger and to rotate once every 365 days about axis CD. Sample the position of P every day. Does P rotate about CD following the path indicated by arrow 2 ? (Notice that this is a different sphere.)

Take any dot on the diagram to be P and rotate the sphere (of either dimension, large or small) about either axis. Does P rotate about the particular rotation axis?

Finally, take P to be successive dots from left to right around the path given by rotation 1 (which is effectively rotating P's position around AB) on a tiny sphere which becomes the size of a dot on the larger sphere, and rotate this larger sphere about CD at 1 revolution per 365 days. Sample at 1 day intervals.

In this case, is P rotating about AB whilst simultaneously rotating about the axis CD  ?


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