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Dear Steven,
Thank you but I have already done that. The default I was talking about is in 
the 'Normal' template used in 'Word'. How do you change it from 'Times Roman' 
to any other font?

My suggestion for using Arial or Helvetica or their equivalents is only for the 
technical stuff. When I design something I use other fonts depending on what it 
is I'm trying to convey. Even so I still keep the styles as limited as 
possible. You have a look at some of the rubbish that gets published today. The 
designers try and use every graphic gizmo the software offers. Fading tones, 
lots of different fonts, shadows, outlining, etc. and the worst one of all is 
squeezing photographs anomorphically to fit in the available space - yuck!!! 
The problem is standards have fallen because there is too much choice and this 
has now become the norm. It's just like convenience food - when you get used to 
rubbish, good food tastes bad! 


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  Jack Lewis wrote: 
    Dear Neville,
    The font I use the most is 'Arial'. This comes with 'Windows' OS systems 
and is also my choice for e-mails. There are many others but 99% of people have 
got Arial already. I hate 'Times' which seems to be the MS default. Where I can 
I always change my various software to default to Arial. I haven't yet figured 
out how to change my Windows Normal template to use Arial instead of Times 
without having to create a new template. Any geeks out there who can help?


  Hi Jack,

  Here I have to disagree with you! :-)  I much prefer the look of serif fonts 
over those sans-serif ones, perhaps because primarily I'm a traditionalist, 
although not going so far as Old English typefaces I should stress! For 
scientific illustrations though, yes, maybe fonts like Arial and Helvitica are 

  Next up, if your using Outlook express, simply go to "Tools" then "Options" 
and find this screen:

  You'll be able to change the default font from here.

  Best Wishes,


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