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  • Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 19:40:33 -0000

Dear Neville,
I agree that Allen's 3D illustration is brilliant and easy to understand. I am 
just wondering what Regner will have to say about it?

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  So confident am I that your upgraded 3D diagram will illustrate both 
necessary (HC) rotations, that I would like to ask for your permission to use 
it on the Celestial Poles web page. Full credit will be given to you, of 
course, unless you do not wish it to be. (For the purpose of such accrediting, 
perhaps you could supply your name, unless you are happy with "Picture by JA" !)

  You, Allen, Jack and others have produced fine diagrams, but perhaps the 3D 
nature of yours will make it the most suitable for the paper. (Jack came close, 
too, with his 3D effort. And Allen will use his own diagrams for his own pages, 
no doubt, since they are of very high quality and contain a lot of information.)

  If we can get this issue settled in the positive (from an anti-HC point of 
view), then we should all attempt to broadcast it as fast and as widely as 




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