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  • From: Bernie Brauer <bbrauer777@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Geocentrism <geocentrism@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 08:43:18 -0600

Re: Fake Zionist Universe Exposed

Come on ! You believe that bullshit ?

There is a simple experiment that proves the earth rotates and it's the
pendulum. If you make a huge pendulum and leave it swinging for a day it's
swing plan will rotate. There is also the Coriolis force (the water in your
toilet bowl rotates CCW in the northern hemisphere and CW in the south which
is easy to explain with simple physics.

So they say they are no proofs ? I found 2 in 2 minutes.

Explaining the motions for a fixed earth is daunting, way to complex.
Imagine the speed of the stars !

There are no contradiction between the classical model and God or the Bible.
They are no contradiction between Darwinism and God or the Bible either. The
newest quantum mechanics discoveries are in fact much simpler to understand
if one believes in God while being knowledgeable in science.

Those who raise contradictions bring that type of false science. They try to
picture faith as OLD, outdated and impossible. It's not the case, actually
most truthers here believe in God and if they don't say it it's either
because they shy or that they lie.

One can't explain what is going on here on earth without speaking about
Zionism and Satan and thus about God.

Don't fall into this trap ! If you have any question about science Vs God
ask me, I am not an expert in theology but I am not too bad hihi enough to
see atht science does not contradict God. I am good at science though :)



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