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Dear Jack,

I agree with you, it deserves a laugh, but I must stress that the speed of which Tyrannosaurus could run is actually one of the most hotly debated topics concerning the monster. Few of the general public no about it, but the morphology of T-rex is extremely dubious, yes, it looks like a classic man made monster all-right, but what does the science say? Time and again, studies have shown problems with the body, even rising from sleeping is next to impossible. But in answer to your question, many conflicting studies have taken place concerning his speed and exactly how fast it might have run. Some have said speeds up to 70 km/h (45 mph) or even more, but nice work conducted by a paleontologist named James Farlow at Indiana-Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana, again highlights (in my opinion) continued problems with the morphology of T-rex. "If T. rex had been moving fast and tripped, it would have died. If it tripped and fell while running, a tumbling tyrannosaur's torso would have slammed into the ground at a deceleration of 6 g (six times the acceleration due to gravity, or about 60 m/s²). The tiny 'arms' that the creature possessed could not have stopped the fall either, had it stumbled while running; standard estimates of Tyrannosaurus weight at 6 to 8 tons would produce a lethal impact force. (Hecht, J. (1998). The deadly dinos that took a dive. New Scientist 2130) The need for speed is of course necessitated if T-rex was a hunter, but some have come to the conclusion that because T-rex couldn’t run fast then it must have been a scavenger, but with all those big-cat style teeth this is unlikely, the jaw appears to be built for a kill.

Anyway, I could go on about T-rex’s locomotion forever, but Wikipedia has a good section on this. The speed quoted in the video of 17.9 MPH believe it or note is actually fast compared to previous studies. Take (a b Hutchinson, J. R. and Garcia, M. (2002). “Tyrannosaurus was not a fast runner”. Nature 415: 1018–1021), this is very new, and maybe the most accurate. It varies, but the speed is about 17 km/h (11 mph), so a slow walker really. There are plenty others, but I shall stop here. Wikipedia has all the references, even though I dislike the site for some things.

Well, I’m here now in this discussion, so I may as well stick around, because dinosaurs were at one time a huge part of my life, I believed every ounce of evolution thrown at me. I knew more names than I’ve had hot dinners. And now I think it was a total lie.


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Dear Steve,
I'm amused by the statement that these running speeds 'are the most accurate they have to-date. I would ask, "Compared to what?"


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Hi All,

Just while we’re touching upon the topic of dinosaurs, I would like to say I was once a very big hobbyist concerning them, collecting vast quantities of secular data and both reading and learning it avidly. But, times haves changed rathRe: [geocentrism] Re: Evolutioner substantially, I was significantly younger then and I’ve grown in spirit concerning God. The following statement I hope is not too radical, but I have come to question many of the species labeled as "dinosaurs" entirely. After all, how many of you have actually seen a real fossilized dinosaur skeleton? The answer is probably none, since almost every museum has only plaster casts on display. This all suggests a rather large mass conspiracy, but how do the skeletons look so realistic you ask? It’s often mooted in the secular world that birds descended the evolutionary path from dinosaurs, why do they believe such? It’s simple, because many dinosaur fossils have similar structures to birds. Could this not be because the plastercasts are really based upon birds in the first place. Meet the real Tyrannosaurus rex, probably an enlarged chicken skeleton, with a massive skull and tail added plus two pointless little arms. This, iconic and typical “ultimate” monster is so similar to those "classic" beasts and dragons dreamed up by man’s imagination that perhaps it is only an element of the imagination. And don’t be fooled into thinking this 5-7 tonne beast is an agile hunter, because it does have some serious flaws with it’s morphology. The balancing act required for that huge skull, the pointless little arms which can’t even pick teeth and even the art of getting up after sleeping are all a bit suspicious. Computer models have demonstrated I believe that this is not an easy balancing act. Any beast seeing the site of those teeth coming along would be away as fast as lightning, making hunting nearly impossible, don't believe 35 mph, sorry, even modern results are showing 17.9 mph at best. You'll need RealPlayer for the computer simulation video link below:


Anyway, there are only thoughts for the time being, but it is interesting to further add that it wasn’t always the case that dinosaurs were thought to have lived and “ruled the Earth” in their own right 65,000,000 years ago. Many museums of the 19th century put abundant evidence of the co-existence of dinosaurs and man on display. If someone is going to challenge me on this, they are most welcome.

Former dinosaur expert,


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