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woo whoo ...im glad to see me tooo..where in the world have i been?.... anyway 
i did want to say that i enjoyed the celestial poles video.. but would it be 
possible to demonstrate what that rotation would look like if HC ac were true ( 
from the earth prospective as well as outside the universe perspective) and how 
we could demonstrate/ show it photographically here on earth and then what we 
might expect to observe from say from the planet mars wich we kno is ging 
around the sun annualy ......or any other planet for that matter .....it might 
not spur scientist today but i think it will force someone to itch bad enough 
to maybe try to prove us wrong in the future. This weekend is a three day 
weekend for us so I wont be back “in full force” until Tuesday, but I’m glad we 
are back to the grindstone now.
As for the idea of a earth based observer as the only physical bass for 
observation the argument is totally valid ..why ..because not only is the 
logical place to start and there are only imaginary observers on other worlds 
that observe the same relative motions that we do here , but infact as time has 
progressed and more observations have been made that whole idea is one of the 
points that can be shown with the celestial poles demonstration the relative 
motions we observe would not necessarily appear the same, I accept they could 
if the universe were wobbling annually to account for it but  it could also be 
that a demonstration would prove that one way or the other. Further, only in 
ones wildest imagination can you even construed even the idea that the 
concentric distribution of mass patters around the earth would look the same 
from anywhere else in the universe that is not science that is imagination. 
..so there really is no “scientific” reason for
 construing a rotational earth orbiting in some imaginary solar system, there 
never was, particularly when the only real observational post in the real 
universe is the earth from which we see not all smaller objects orbiting larger 
ones but in fact we observe that size of objects does not itself determine 
which one is orbiting which, any more then all small smaller gears in some 
clocks/gear sets  rotate/ turn abound larger gears and visa versa……..everything 
else is just some imaginary set of rules that does not exist from the only real 
observation point in the universe without accepting some assumed 
interpretations and conclusions about imaginary observations on other worlds 
that has never been produced or conducted. 

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I am pleased to welcome myself back to the forum. It is good to see me.


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