[GeoStL] Re: (via SLAGA Contact Us web page) use as topo map?

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Sounds like my map.  The answer is yes.  But it is a bit complicated unless
you have one of my CDs.  His best bet is to wait a few days until I get them
uploaded somewhere.  


Jim Bensman
"Nature Bats Last"

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I am forwarding your inquiry to the SLAGA freelist to see if anyone has any
suggestions for you. Hopefully someone will be able to come up with a
suggestion or two.

Hi all,

Might anyone have any suggestions for this gentleman? I don't have any
myself so I thought I would throw the question out to this group. You can
post suggestions here or e-mail Harold directly.

Thank you, Sarah
Secretary, SLAGA

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Subject: (via SLAGA Contact Us web page) use as topo map?

From Name: Harold Holmes 

I was given a .IMG file of Greensfelder Park. It is supposed to have a topo
sect map. Can this be used (downloaded) in the Garmin 76Cx ? Does it need
modification ? I\'m really looking for a topop of the Stl County area

Any help would be appreciated. TNX


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