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Ahhhh how ---------------------right you are. Turns out we're all southern 
where Polar Bears are concerned eh?
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  I believe the proper term is "Polar Bearian". We wouldn't want to offend our 
northern neighbors.

  tnsl <sydstyr@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
    Yours doesn't have the Penguinese and Polar Bearish options for the polar 
regions?  You should take it back.


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      I checked the language selection on my 60CSx and it only has English, 
Francais, Espanol, and Portugues.

            > * Improve sun times for polar regions


            Mike Griffin 


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            There is a new firmware version available here:

            Here is the change list:

            Changes made from version 3.50 to 3.60:

            * Correct German translation of 'delete all waypoints'
            * Fix data card unlock failure when 2 cards of the same map set
            are used in one device
            * Improve sun times for polar regions
            * Fix issue where ETA in non motor vehicle modes can be
            unreasonably short
            * Improve robustness of compass when it would appear uncalibrated
            until a power cycle
            * Increase precision of distance measurement to the cursor on the
            map page
            * Allow backlight adjustment on the track back point selection page
            * Fix shutdown when editing Estonian Grid coordinates
            * Correct daylight saving time for New Zealand
            * Improve selection of the names of cross roads with NT maps
            * Correct potential shutdown when viewing a vertical profile


      Kirk Yates
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