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Id say go for it if you want to:  The link to the profile is legit it
appears and let it be up to them, thier reviewer, and GC if they have a
proper cache and method of tracking finds.  We do have lots of items in St.
Louis that could be used:  Someplace like the Arch where normal caches can't
be placed but have something of interest to those near and far about st
louis area or history of.

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  I got an email today that I am sorta wondering about. Anybody know who
this is and why they contacted me? I am attaching the whole email I


  We are hoping to put out a multi-cache here in the UK called “The Global
Village” and want to ask a favour of you. Like most village based
multi-caches this one requires the cacher to wander around the village
collecting six numbers off buildings, park benches, milestones or counting
the numbers of windows, chimneys etc on prominent buildings. Unlike the
conventional village multi-cache we want each of the six locations to come
from places far afield. Obviously the cacher cannot physically visit the
locations spread across the world but will need to use contacts to get
someone to visit on their behalf. We are hoping it will work on the basis
that anyone can contact someone anywhere in the world in about six hops, ie
one of your neighbours knows someone working abroad who in turn knows
someone in the destination country, who in turn has a relative in the
destination town etc. In this particular case the cachers will have to use
Geocaching.com to make the hops.

  So, the favour we have to ask of you is this. Can you find us an
interesting object in a village near you with a significant number attached,
write a clue (and the answer!) exploiting the number (eg the number of round
windows in the village hall is A), give the location WGS84 coordinates, and
the location address? We will not be citing your username on the cache page
so you will not be directly linked to the clues. If you are kind enough to
contribute and are interested in what happens we will send you the cache
number once it is out so that you can place a watch on it.

  Kind regards

  Paul & Hilary (aka bill&ben)

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