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These comments from Glenn and Dave are exactly the point I was making. Most of us, I'm sure, can tell the difference between a cache placed with some effort and common sense and one that was basically thrown out and waypointed. I had over 100 finds before I placed my first cache (La Roche de la Croix). By that time I had found enough caches to feel confident about hiding a cache in a decent spot (although some might not agree due to the fact that it isn't always accessible). By no means am I saying that one should wait until they have 100 finds before hiding a cache, but one should be able to tell the difference between "lame" and good cache placement.

The gauge by which a cache is judged is based on individual preference. I'm all for easy caches filled with "McToys" designed with kids in mind. Bridge w/ a T has a great kid cache with Speedway Lap 2. And since I've had the experience of pushing Barramus around in a wheelchair for awhile after his knee surgery I'm a HUGE supporter of caches designed with the disabled in mind! To me it isn't about the difficulty/terrain rating, it's about answering the question: "Does this cache serve a good purpose?" Whether the purpose is to bring someone to a cool area, provide a challenging find, or to give the little ones a nice, easy find--doesn't matter as long as the purpose is fairly clear and well thought out. 

>From: Glenn

>From the FAQ page of the slaga website, written some time ago...
>Q: CACHE HIDING: Where should I hide a geocache?
>A: My thoughts, YMMV (your mileage may vary). I think good caches
>are the ones that are placed for good reasons. I like locations that
>are interesting for some reason (I really like the 'Freddies
>Hideaway' location, it's a cool spot to take kids). If a location
>could really get a person to thinking about things during a visit, I
>would consider that a good spot also. Another great reason to place
>a cache could be to lead a visitor to a great view or the caches
>could act as a guide to a challenging hike through a park or the
>woods. I would have never gone to Wildcat Mtn. had it not been for
>Butch's three caches there. I always like a good reason to bring
>cachers to an area. I find it somewhat irritating to spend a great
>deal of time looking for a cache that has no apparent purpose other
>than being a hidden box in the woods. It tends to leave me thinking,
>why am I here again? (GLNash)
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>At 09:41 PM 9/17/2003, Dave Keiser wrote:
Put a little effort and common sense in your cache and it will be just fine--

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