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And now how do we instill these ideals in others? Always trade UP, always do a little maintainence if needed? I don't know. The newsgroup helps spread the work but most of the real new folks haven't found this list or the SLAGA forums yet.

Repeated postings of "I did some fixing up", "Removed wet junk, left some new stuff.. " ect.. perhaps if it is repeated enough it will catch on?? I dont know.

All in all tho, as BruceS mentioned, we have better stuff in STL than many parts of the country. We have been lucky in st louis and Missouri is *very* geo-cacher friendly. Many states have banned the activity in many areas while Missouri is opening up more and more areas. I hope we can take the lead and produce positive results for the agencies that have allowed up to hide trinket boxes in their parks. Hopefully, other state groups can point to Missouri as a positive caching experience and convince their parks to allow the activity.


At 10:01 AM 9/18/2003, dana cook wrote:

These comments from Glenn and Dave are exactly the point I was making. Most of us, I'm sure, can tell the difference between a cache placed with some effort and common sense and one that was basically thrown out and waypointed. I had over 100 finds before I placed my first cache (La Roche de la Croix). By that time I had found enough caches to feel confident about hiding a cache in a decent spot (although some might not agree due to the fact that it isn't always accessible). By no means am I saying that one should wait until they have 100 finds before hiding a cache, but one should be able to tell the difference between "lame" and good cache placement.

The gauge by which a cache is judged is based on individual preference. I'm all for easy caches filled with "McToys" designed with kids in mind. Bridge w/ a T has a great kid cache with Speedway Lap 2. And since I've had the experience of pushing Barramus around in a wheelchair for awhile after his knee surgery I'm a HUGE supporter of caches designed with the disabled in mind! To me it isn't about the difficulty/terrain rating, it's about answering the question: "Does this cache serve a good purpose?" Whether the purpose is to bring someone to a cool area, provide a challenging find, or to give the little ones a nice, easy find--doesn't matter as long as the purpose is fairly clear and well thought out.

---------------- Glenn

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