[GeoStL] Tennessee Cemetery & Burial Site Laws

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It is just a matter of time before other states jump in.

Tennessee Geocaching Polices and Guidelines

NO CACHES IN Cemeteries

Law concerning caches in cemeteries, geocaching is a game.

Tennessee Cemetery & Burial Site Laws
Statutory Laws

(Tennessee Code Annotated)
Title 46. Cemeteries
46-2-105. Crimes and offenses
No person shall willfully destroy, deface, or injure any monument, tomb, gravestone, or other structure placed in the cemetery, or any roadway, walk, fence or enclosure in or around the same, or injure any tree, plant or shrub therein, or hunt or shoot therein, play at any game or amusement therein, or loiter for lascivious or lewd purposes therein, or interfere, by words or actions, with any funeral procession or any religious exercises.

(B) A violation of this section is a Class E felony. ,
Class E Felony 1 to 6 years $3,000
Those caches that are in cemeteries now are grandfathered in unless there is a complaint ..

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