[GeoStL] November Cache and Cruise

  • From: Bob TheCacher <cachefinder@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 09:31:18 -0600

As some of you know I take a cruise and cache trip in November.  So far 
I've cached in 15 countries and had a blast at each one. This Nov 25th 
will be another adventure for us.  The stage is set for November and 
we'd love to have you join us 
on a cruise and caching trip.  So far there are 6 of us (3 couples) that
 are going, and several more still scratching their head.  We booked 
thru Cruise Rewards.  The contact there is Annie Alvarez (315-592-2522 
x316 or 800-435-7967 x316) as she was willing to give us a $50 rebate 
check after the cruise.  If you book, make sure you talk to her and tell
 her your with the Bob Pratt group so she can keep us together at the 
dinner table, and mention the $50 rebate check too.

Here is additional details:

1.  boat - Carnival Legend

2.  Departs from Tampa on Sunday, Nov 25th.

3.  Itinerary:  

Sun   Nov 25  Tampa, FL Depart  4:00pm

Mon   Nov 26  At Sea (Party)

Tue   Nov 27  Cozumel, Mexico   9:00am 6:00pm (hire a Taxi Van for the day, 
~$25 each)

Wed  Nov 28  Belize City, Belize   8:00am 5:00pm (shore excursion or hang 
around town)

Thu   Nov 29   Roatan, Honduras   8:00am 3:00pm (hire Bodden Tours van to drive 
us around island (~$25 each)

Fri     Nov 30   Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands   10:00am 6:00pm (hire Taxi van 
for the day (~25 each)

Sat    Dec 1    At Sea (Party)

Sun   Dec 2   Tampa, FL 8:00am

We plan on driving down from St. Louis on Thanksgiving day taking 2 days
 to get to Tampa.  We'll cache in route at several intersections 
targeting those caches close to the highway.  The first night on the 
road we'll probably stay around Macon Georgia.  We'll get to Tampa the 
following night (Fri night) and then cache in the Tampa area on 
Saturday.  Sunday we'll sleep in and head over to the boat around 
noon.   Motel reservations will  be made this summer some time.  (I 
realize some people would rather fly or drive their own car, whatever 
works for you to get down to Tampa)

I've been to each of these island several times and make a pretty good 
guide.  Plus I have caches on Cozumel and Roatan which I'll be checking 
on.   You may want to go on Vacationstogo.com web site which shows more 
detail about the trip - although we've booked thru Stearling Cruises 
(Annie Alvarez noted above to get the $50 check back)  Go on 
vacationstogo.com and put in Fastdeal 21047 and click on Carnival Legend
 to see the boat pictures and floor plans.  We've booked on the 8th 
floor, and paid a little more for the extended balcony.  Depending on 
your budget, book what's best for you. If your claustrophobic don't book
 an inside room.  Rooms have twin beds which are pushed together to make
 a queen bed if your a 'couple'.  They will need to know. The trip cost $389 
each (total) on up depending on the room you pick.

  The only real requirement to go is that you will need a 
Passport or Passcard, but I'd recommend the Passport.  You can get a 
Passport in about 2 months, so there is plenty of time.  Please feel 
free to contact me at work 314-777-3842 (Mon-Thurs 7-5pm) or at home 
636-296-6333. I'd be happy to answer any of your questions.  I'll also 
be at the Pot Luck lunch on Saturday with pictures from last Nov plus 
will answer any of your questions.

Hope you can go!  Let me know.

Bob and Barb Pratt


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