[GeoStL] Re: Garmin software info - City Select North America and City Navigator North America

  • From: Mike Lusicic <lusicic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 11:22:06 -0600

That would be nice. I didn't detect that tone at all in the response that
wasquoted from the Garmin rep.

It seemed like they were rather good at supporting customers in the past. It
seemed that this would have been contrary to that, and hoped that they were
not forgetting the customer in the name of higher profits.

Sara Gomer wrote: - Mike, this is not entirely true. Instead of having two
versions of basically the same software (CS-city select and CNn-city
navigator) which use the same maps and are nearly identical they are
discontinuing CS and reworking CN to have smaller map segments so those will
older units aren't left in the dark. I remember reading this on the Garmin
Website at some point but don't have time go find it right now. Sara On
2/25/06, Mike Lusicic <lusicic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>[1] wrote: - Gosh. The guy
certainly applied "pseudo-logic" on that one. "Since that is not an issue,
City Select will be discontinued". And what happens to everyone who has an
old model that needs the smaller mapsets? Great logic if you want everyone
tobe forced to buy the latest model. Let me attempt to reword it: If we
discontinue City Select, then we only needto market and package one product,
which is cheaper FOR US, and we will orphan all the folks out there that
havethe models we designed City Select to handle and they will be forced to
buy the new model meaning more profits FOR US. But that doesn't sound quite
as good, does it? Oh well, I guess it isn't allthat different than the
computer industry. YVONNE VON DER AHE wrote: - Thank you to all who have
provided information onthis software issue for the 60 CSx. I have heard from
Garmin and thought you might be interested in their response that I just
received. It follows: Yvonne, Thank You for contacting Garmin International!
I am happy to help youwith this. You are correct City Navigator is the
appropriate mapping software to use with the new X series units. You are
alsocorrect, City Select used to be recommended for use in hand held because
of the smaller mapsets, however the x series has the card so that is no
longer an issue. Since that is not an issue, City select will be
discontinued. We have yet to issue a release date for the newest version of
City Navigator. If you have any additional comments or questions, please do
not hesitate to contact us via email or at the number listed below. Scott B.
Product Support Specialist Garmin International 1200 E 151 St. Olathe Ks,
66062 1-800-800-1020 www.garmin.com[1[2]] Fax 1-913-440-5488 Dear Garmin, I
am confused...I recently purchased the Garmin 60CSx and am now looking at
theMapsource products. The box the unit came in and the Garmin website
indicate that City Navigator is the appropriate one to purchase, BUT the
dealer I am utilizing indicates thatCity Select is better because of the
smaller size of the maps. I figure that the size issue could be overcome
witha larger memory chip if there was a problem. Is this so? Also I have
"heard" that a new version of City Navigator is coming out this summer and
that City Select is being discontinued. Is this so? Bottom line...which
should I purchase City Select North America or City Navigator North
America??Thank you. Ladybug STL GC-RGS<gc-rgs@xxxxxxxxxx>[3][2] wrote: -
Kurt, I had read too that CS was being phased out and replaced by CN ver8
this summer. The smaller map chunks of CS worked best for most of the
handhelds because of the size and amount of memory in the GPS's. I
understandthe So. MO map size was over 24 meg and therefore wouldn't even
fitin the Legend and Vista C units (before the x series). Of course with the
microSD cards in the x series, size won't be a problem. But I'd hate to
spend$100 on CS or CN when a new version would be out this summer, unless it
would be a free update, which I doubt. On the other hand, those with the new
toys that don't have CS or CN and want to playwith autorouting, get an older
copy of Mapsource Metroguide (ver 4) and it WILL autoroute in the GPS. The
maps are out of date by 5 years or so but it still does a good job in most
cases. And Metroguide does not need to be unlocked. It will install on
multiple GPS's. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Stoeppelman, Kurt" To:
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 7:32 AM Subject: [GeoStL] Re: Garmin
softwareinfo - City Select North America and City Navigator North America -
At the 2K &B-day bash, there were questions about Garmin software. My
question to Garmin: What is the difference between City Select(r) North
America v7 and City Navigator(tm) North America v7? I have a 60CS. Answer:
Thank you for contacting Garmin.=20 Let me preface this by saying you have
caught us at a weird time...they are phasing City Select out and going
totally to City Navigator. =20 You could probably find City Select North
America V7 (note it is DVD-so is Navigator v7) or City NavigatorNorth
Americav7 stand alone now from an authorized Garmin dealer:
http://www.garmin.com/dealers/online.html[3[4]] Matching versions and
flavorsofNavigator and Select are similar products with compatible Garmin
units...there are some differences in the guts for routing. For example,
Navigator is more thorough in roundabout guidance. Select will get you
through it, but it won't be as informative. It involves things like that. In
the big picture, they are very similar products, but there are some
differences in the guts. Something in Select's favor...Select's map
templatesare cut smaller than Navigator v7's. So you could customize the map
set a bit more with Select than you could with Navigator (rather than, say,
loading all of southern Georgia to get Atlanta as you would with Navigator
with Select you can select just Atlanta and save memory for other areas).
=20I would very, very strongly recommend reading about City Navigator North
America v7 (note again the v7 products are on DVD) and using the MapSource
Map Viewer to see the basic detail in it (be sure to zoom tightly and click
the "more" detail button) starting at:
http://www.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/citynav.jsp[4[5]] (Basic map
detail you see with it as far as the roads, streets, etc. will be the same
aswhat would come in Select North America v7.) Garmin has a "kit" for the
MAP60CS (it'll have Select in it) you might look at-with mounts and all that
kind of thing with it. It's available from Garmin's online store now (they
dohave some stock on it).
http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=3D010%2D10458%2D00[5[6]] Thank you
again for your interest in Garmin GPS. Have you seen our online Map Viewer?
Preview the basic data in many of the MapSource products firsthand.
http://www.garmin.com/cartography/[6[7]] Best regards,=20 Loy=20
mailto:cartography@xxxxxxxxxx=20[7[8]] Garmin International=20 1200 E. 151st
Street =20 Olathe, KS (USA) 66062=20 http://www.garmin.com=20[8[9]] Rocfish
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