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At the 2K & B-day bash, there were questions about Garmin software.

My question to Garmin:

What is the difference between City Select(r) North America v7 and City
Navigator(tm) North America v7? I have a 60CS.


Thank you for contacting Garmin.=20

Let me preface this by saying you have caught us at a weird time...they
are phasing City Select out and going totally to City Navigator. =20

You could probably find City Select North America V7 (note it is DVD-so
is Navigator v7) or City Navigator North America v7 stand alone now from
an authorized Garmin dealer:


Matching versions and flavors of Navigator and Select are similar
products with compatible Garmin units...there are some differences in
the guts for routing.  For example, Navigator is more thorough in
roundabout guidance.  Select will get you through it, but it won't be as
informative.  It involves things like that.  In the big picture, they
are very similar products, but there are some differences in the guts.

Something in Select's favor...Select's map templates are cut smaller
than Navigator v7's.  So you could customize the map set a bit more with
Select than you could with Navigator (rather than, say, loading all of
southern Georgia to get Atlanta as you would with Navigator with Select
you can select just Atlanta and save memory for other areas). =20

I would very, very strongly recommend reading about City Navigator North
America v7 (note again the v7 products are on DVD) and using the
MapSource Map Viewer to see the basic detail in it (be sure to zoom
tightly and click the "more" detail button) starting at:


(Basic map detail you see with it as far as the roads, streets, etc.
will be the same as what would come in Select North America v7.)

Garmin has a "kit" for the MAP 60CS (it'll have Select in it) you might
look at-with mounts and all that kind of thing with it.  It's available
from Garmin's online store now (they do have some stock on it).


Thank you again for your interest in Garmin GPS.  Have you seen our
online Map Viewer?  Preview the basic data in many of the MapSource
products firsthand.


Best regards,=20


Garmin International=20
1200 E. 151st Street   =20
Olathe, KS (USA)  66062=20



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