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I picked up two of Striders lists: Strawberry Creek (now expanded to Arnold 
area including all parks) and the Lower Meremac, South County Rec, Suson Park 
area.  They're available.  The Arnold area could be used this weekend during 
the Strawberry Creek hunt or the Holiday party in December.


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I've completed the Downtown St. Louis list.  It is complete with 19 caches.

For St Charles, I'm going to take all of the city's limits instead of
just downtown.  I should be done with it soon.

I do have a question for the group (and right now is a great time to
ask about bookmark lists).  The current Downtown STL list is only 2
miles from the Arch.  Should I add to the list (or make a second list)
that has all of the caches in the city limits?  This would include
Forest Park caches, which already have their own list.


On Oct 31, 2007 11:22 PM,  <JimSGreene@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Andrew,
>  Thanks, I will leave them up until you get yours up & running. I don't
> think you can adopt transfer the lists, but you can use mine as a guideline
> for yours. We'll see you on Sat, we are looking forward to it.
> Jim

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