[geekcrypt] Re: TrueCrypt License

  • From: Bill Cox <waywardgeek@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: geekcrypt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2014 19:16:08 -0400

I'm not sure we have to replace *all* of the code.  A lot of the crypto
looks like it was written by other people.  We probably want updated
versions of that code anyway, but I think it's mostly the drivers and GUI
that needs updating.

By the way, I think we may want an official GUI guru to join the "core"
devs.  This guys wont have to be a crypto expert, but should be good with
GUI development, which most crypto guys aren't in my experience :-)


On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 6:40 PM, Stephen R Guglielmo <srguglielmo@xxxxxxxxx>

> I read (yes, actually read) the TrueCrypt License Version 3.0. This
> version applies to the 7.1a release code. I made a page on the wiki
> that details what needs to be done to comply.
> http://ciphershed.org/License
> There's a few things we need to focus on immediately to brand the code
> ours, such as removing references to "TrueCrypt" and removing/adding
> some phrases. I'll do what I can to help this along on the GitHub
> repo.
> Basically, the way to "get away" from this annoying license and move
> to a OSI-approved license, we will essentially have to replace every
> single piece of code. Obviously, this is going to be a long, long
> process, but long term goals are A Good Thing(tm).
> I was already pondering in my mind the use of GTK+ or QT in the GUI.
> Both projects are licensed under the LGPL, so we can still release our
> code under whatever license we want. Again, down the line...My mind is
> always ahead of me.

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