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***This is a message from a member of Friends of Students for 60,000***

Hola to All. Reminder that we will be meeting first Thursday in June, which
is Thurs. June 4 at room H109 of the HS. At the May meeting it was announced
that SG Foundation of Calif has agreed (verbally so far, but they say
written confirmation will come) to provide us with $6000 in "matching"
dollars for our Nicaragua housing initiative. In other words, if we raise
$6000, SG will match it. So we'll have $12000 for about 6-8 houses if we
succeed. In mid May Dick sent out an email explaining this, and seeking
donations from those willing. So far we've received two checks, one for
$1000 and one for $100. So we're on our way. SG said they'd provide
guidelines, but mentioned that it either had to be "new" money, or from
donors who haven't given in 2 years. I'll let everyone know at the meeting.
Many topics to discuss. I'll not be going to Nicaragua in June, but perhaps
in July or August with Mike Cipoletti if/when he goes during those months.
Or alone. We'll see. PW

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Hi All,
I must not have been clear regarding the "Club Email" in trying to be brief.

Adam has made available an email service that is hosted by the same people
that are hosting the fsf60k website (which is not up yet).

 In other words this would be another email account in addition the the one
you already have.  The benefit is that  it would read:

you(whatever you choose)@fsf50k.org

It is not necessary to sign up.  It is being offered if it is of help to
you.  I am going to get an account because it will look more official when I
am dealing with vendors and and other organizations and will also help to
keep my club correspondence separate from my personal emails.  Some people
have chosen not to get the additional account.  It is a matter of personal

I hope this message is more clear.  Thanks for the responses so far.  You
can send requests, questions to pardo123@xxxxxxxxxx



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