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thanks for the article george.
talk soon
On Mar 1, 2012, at 7:37 AM, gpardo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hola Amigos,
> I can not make the meeting tonight, as I have too many things on my plate, 
> but I will give a quick update on the Comedor Escolar study.  It is almost 
> ready. Last night Jerry (agricultural engineer in Nicaragua) and I were 
> crunching numbers via Skype to plan for 100% sustainability in 4 years, 
> barring a natural disaster.  We came very close and Jerry will make 
> adjustments to the plan for 100% sustainability by the 4th year and  resubmit 
> by this Saturday.  We will then have the study/proposal translated into 
> English, which will probably be ready by the beginning of April.  
> Concurrently we should research possible donors and develop an implementation 
> plan. Pepsi has already been identified as a good good match for funds, but 
> contact has not yet been made.
> On another note, following is a link regarding water and electric in Guinea 
> in western Africa  http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=106919 , copy and paste 
> into your browser.  The article highlights their problems on these 2 issues 
> as a country and thoughts on a path to rectify the situation.  I thought it 
> was interesting as we are addressing similar issues in Nicaragua, but on a 
> much smaller scale.
> Best to all,
> George 
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> ***This is a message from a member of Friends of Students for 60,000***
> Hi To All,
> This is the usual reminder that our regular monthly meeting will be held
> this coming Thurs. evening, 7:30 p.m. at Npt. HS, room H 109. There is much
> good news, including the success of our first newsletter, a new grant in the
> mail (this week), and a generous donation, among other things. The books for
> 2011 should be completed by Thurs. Our web site needs updating. Lots to talk
> about, lots to do. Email if you have items for agenda. Please come.
> Pete And Kate
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