[fruityloops] Re: warning to warez users (was YEAAAHHH!!!!!)

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Word, if you really like Fruity Loops and you love it...I think you need to
support the makers of Fruityloops.
Why crack it? It's not a expensive program..One of them reasons I bought
FruityLoops is so the makers of FruityLoops can be paid to invent new thing
and options for FruityLoops they deserve that.
It's like having all copies of your favourite artist...that ain't no deal,
then you don't support the artist for the fullest.
That was my opinion..
So I say if you like it PURCHASE IT!!! You Greedy M!#$@F^#@!R
I'm out...........

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>I have a purchased copy, but tell me this-- who has a purchased copy of

I have a purchased copy that came with my computer.  And as for "crack it
when you can't buy
it"--I don't agree with that statement.  That's like saying steal when you
can steal.  When the
shop owner has his back turned, take him for what you can get.  That's not
right, nor is it fair.
I don't like Microsoft as much as the next guy, but I will still buy their
product because it's
the law & people's jobs depend on the money generated from sales.  People
like you & me with
families to feed etc....  Just my humble opinion though.  Others can do as
they feel.

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