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Although I have no experience with making money from music I do the
costing's for manufactured products. The only way I can see you quoting =
per the hour. We take a standard rate of =A335 per hour for all =
parts and maybe that's where you could start. This is how all companies
quote when a job has no definite time scale (Garages, builders, =
ect...) =20

Try estimating how long each piece will take and just quote a per hour =
You could then give a rough end figure which is not rigid. That=92s =
what I
would do. This way if you produce something and they want it tweaked =
you are
still charging them for your time. If you quote an end figure it may =
end up
taking ages and you will be out of pocket.=20

Just my two pennies worth, hope it helps and congratulations on your =
step to being a professional musician !!!!


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I have just recently received an email from a company who is developing
an e-learning product. They heard some of my many loops on Flashkit.com =

=3D=3D> ( http://www.flashkit.com/search.php?term=3Dhoolak
or=3Dor&page=3D1&submit=3DSubmit )
They ask if I can custom compose 6 intro pieces to integrate into the
product.       Now, I'm all for it, but they ask "what are my fees?".

I'm no professional (yet); I'm just someone who loves to make computer
music that has yet to have any real work.
So I ask those with any experience... How do I put a price on my music?


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