[fruityloops] Re: to moderate or not to moderate, that is the question

  • From: "amit" <amit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 10:22:08 -0700 (PDT)

until today, this list has been relatively low-traffic
and is on-topic.  i dont really see a need for
moderation at this point.  but i would appreciate it if
people were a little more conscious of changing subject


c j w wrote:

> As it may be a lot of work for you to filter each and
> every message you
> might want to consider an alternative (especially
> there isn't
> much of a problem yet).  I would suggest setting some
> ground rules for
> the list that could be sent out to the current
> subscribers as well as
> new subscribers. If you find that the list is being
> abused you could
> enforce the moderation or just remove the offenders
> they continue
> to misbehave).  I subscribe to some pretty large lists
> and although
> there is a lot of traffic there is little to no
> Just my 2cent. 
> I support whatever you want to do.
>  - c
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> --- Andrew Ebling &lt;andyebling@xxxxxxxxxxx&gt;
> &gt; 
> &gt; Hi all,
> &gt; 
> &gt; I have been thinking about changing this list
over to
> being
> &gt; moderated,
> &gt; rather than unmoderated as it is now.
> &gt; 
> &gt; I'm considering this for a number of reasons:
> &gt; 
> &gt; - The list now has quite a good number of
> but as soon as
> &gt; there
> &gt; is a burst of traffic on the list, a run of
> attempt to
> &gt; unsubscribe, often by incorrectly sending a mail
> the list asking
> &gt; to
> &gt; be removed.  This only serves to annoy people who
> wish to remain on
> &gt; the
> &gt; list.
> &gt; 
> &gt; - The official fruity forum is unmoderated, so
has a
> lot of noise and
> &gt; people messing about.  If this list was
moderated, it
> might attract
> &gt; new
> &gt; members who just want a low volume but good
> fruity related
> &gt; discussion.
> &gt; 
> &gt; - Subject lines can be filtered/modified to make
> easier to follow
> &gt; threads.  Sometimes people reply to a message and
> start a new topic
> &gt; without changing the subject line accordingly. 
> easy to do by
> &gt; mistake and I've done it in the past.
> &gt; 
> &gt; - Warez related posts can be filtered out.  This
> hasn't been a
> &gt; problem
> &gt; in the past, but could become a problem as the
> becomes better
> &gt; known.
> &gt; 
> &gt; If the list was moderated, what should be
allowed and
> what should be
> &gt; blocked?  If questions/queries are too vague and
> therefore unlikely
> &gt; to
> &gt; get an answer, should I block them and ask the
> to be more
> &gt; specific?
> &gt; 
> &gt; I would like to know what you all think about
> Basically, the
> &gt; idea
> &gt; is to try and make the list as useful as
possible to
> all members,
> &gt; some
> &gt; of whom may not have time to deal with large
> of less useful
> &gt; messages.
> &gt; 
> &gt; If you have a specific comment that only I need
> hear, please reply
> &gt; to
> &gt; me off-list.  If you want to suggest something
> further
> &gt; discussion,
> &gt; feel free to reply to the list.
> &gt; 
> &gt; thanks,
> &gt; 
> &gt; Andy
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